Australian man loses it in Covid gulag: Links 2, September 6, 2021

1. CBS News: Multiple planes are ready to take U.S. citizens and green card holders out of Afghanistan — but the Taliban won’t let them leave, officials say

Multiple planes that are ready to take American citizens and green card holders out of the country are being denied permission to leave by the Taliban, congressional and NGO sources told CBS News.

“The Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans,” a senior congressional source told CBS News. 

2. Judge rules in favour of hospital REFUSING to treat with Ivermectin!

(I guess for Pfizer, a patient recovering from Covid with Ivermectin is a fate worse than his death. Seeing as how ALL illegal migrants coming from Afghanistan and Africa are to be treated for days with Ivermectin, and without even testing them for parasites, one may assume its safe enough to use on this patient)

3. Aussie Who Is Vaccinated And Tested Negative 9 times Uploads Video From COVID Concentration Camp, People Locked Into Rooms For Over 300 Hours, Guards Threaten To Gas Them

(Video and description at link. Please advise if video disappears)

4. Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts On Ivermectin Suppression: ‘They Have Blood On Their Hands’

(Please see item 2)

5. Three videos of police Vs people trying to shop without their papers of submission to government chemical rape in France

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“Guest” lol! (See item 3)


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7 Replies to “Australian man loses it in Covid gulag: Links 2, September 6, 2021”

  1. 1 We all knew this was going to happen, now Biden and Obama have to make a decision, do they refuse to pay and let the people die or do they pay and see hundreds more Americans held for ransom?

    • It’s actually more sinister.

      They WANT to get money to these enemies. They’re doing everything in their power to advance the cause of their Death-to-America buddies.

      Pretend there are MODERATE jihadis, that the Taliban is – oh, so much better! – than IS, al-Q, or the next tag they give head-choppers.

      Lay on the “humanitarian crisis” PR, get NGOs to prime the pump for U.N. disaster relief. (Mainly funded by the USA.)

      • The problem the Taliban will end up with is: They’ll have too much money and nowhere to put it.

        The Chinese will be giving them huge kickbacks for mineral mining rights and everything included therein.

        Anybody who wants to do business in Tali-Ban will have to dish out loads of money. Just getting in and out of the airport area is a tiny but steady moneymaker.

        Where will they store all their money?

  2. Forced quarantines in tiny hotel rooms: Yes, people do go crazy! If ever there were a case of mental breakdown, that’s it. People stuck with their tiny spied-littered iPhones as their only outside source of information. Will the Nuremberg Trials make a comeback?

    Meanwhile, we have this guy: Dr. Ryan Cole is a Mayo Clinic-Trained, Board Certified Pathologist and Medical Director for America’s Frontline Doctors and joined Stew Peters to discuss the extremely dangerous and deadly shots being called “vaccines”.


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