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2 Replies to “Prof gets Vaxx-Pass exception for natural immunity”

  1. TWO ISSUES: Judge rules in favor of the hospital that refuses to administer Ivermectin to a dying relative and sudden FDA resignations.

  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-poll-numbers-nosedive-afghanistan-exit-covid-surge

    Way to broadcast bad news as good news:

    “Indians successful at Little Bighorn!”
    “Titanic passengers have experience of a lifetime!”
    “Bay of Pigs could have been worse!”
    “Waterloo. A win for Napoleon…?”

    I can’t stand it! The fact that Joe Biden’s “approval rating” is somewhere a tad below average and considerably above Trump’s is extremely depressing news and could well herald the end of the United States as a country. Joe Biden’s approval rating should be at around 5% if people were thinking straight, not just a hair under 50%. What’s the matter with these Woke Democrats? The entire world can see that Joe is doing a horrible job yet they think he’s Jesus F Kennedy no matter how much he screws up. Nothing seems to matter to them and they seem incapable of getting their facts even close to right or even caring about them at all…

    If nearly half the country is so stupid they think Joe Biden is doing a great job then the Chinese are right and liberal Democracy doesn’t work and we should adopt communism immediately because the West is wrong, wrong, wrong and should apologize to the world for existing and for imposing our so-called “Democracy” on the rest of the world, period!

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