Canadian Civil Service Union does 180 on position of mandatory vaxx for its ‘members’: Links 2, September 5, 2021

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3. Protests based on the curious dystopian film, They Live, are sweeping the anglosphere. Pauline sent in one recently from the Vancouver area. People who drove by stopped and joined, and others went and bought one of these outfits and came the next day with a similar sign. Pauline’s video was on a street. I don’t know where this one was.

4. Australian woman arrested for incitement before she says a damn word

5. Canadian Civil Service Union, ‘kick the can’ lie on mandatory Vaxx for its ‘members’.

When the government first threatened its workers with mandatory injections of an experimental substance or be fired, this is what the PSAC union said on its webpage on August 5th

The full text of the original page is below:

Can my employer make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory?
No one can be forced to get a vaccine in Canada. The Canadian government, and many of the provinces, have stated that the vaccine will not be mandatory. British Columbia, for instance, has stated that the vaccine will be available to “everyone in the province who the vaccine is recommended for and who would like to be vaccinated.”

As the vaccine rollout becomes more widespread, employers may require employees to get the vaccine to return to certain work sites. In addition, there is a possibility that health officers could require mandatory vaccinations for specific workplaces, such as health facilities, correctional facilities or other workplaces that involve regular contact with vulnerable populations. Workplaces would have to comply with whatever health orders are issued, but there would still be room for exemptions.

Workplaces are subject to provincial and federal workplace safety requirements. Due to the exceptionally contagious nature of COVID-19, particularly with the emergence of potentially more contagious strains, it remains to be seen what safety requirements will be implemented as workers return to work sites.

Reach out to your shop steward, component union or PSAC regional office if you have any questions or concerns about mandatory vaccinations in your workplace.

Can my employer fire me for refusing to take the vaccine?
It is very unlikely, especially in the early stages of the vaccine rollout, that an employer could fire an employee for refusing to take a vaccine. It is possible, however, that employers may be able to require an employee to work off-site until the pandemic is over.

If you work in an essential or critical workplace where working from home is impossible, it may be more difficult to argue that an unvaccinated employee can return to the workplace. It’s also important to consider if there are reasonable alternatives available, such as the option to wear personal protective equipment instead.

If you are terminated due to refusal to get a vaccine, it could be a human rights violation, especially for members unable to get vaccinated because of health reasons.
If you cannot take the vaccine due to health or religious reasons, you should ask for accommodations. This would trigger the duty to accommodate.
I have health concerns that mean I cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine. What should I do?
If you have a valid health concern, you are exempt from getting a vaccine. Provincial and federal human rights legislation prevent discrimination on the basis of disability. There are specific provisions in your collective agreement preventing discrimination. Talk to your shop steward or reach out to your component union or PSAC regional office for more information about your rights under your collective agreement.

If vaccinations are generally required in the workplace, the employer will have to engage in discussions with you and the union about possible accommodations, including potentially requiring you to wear PPE, to telework, etc.

I work in in a building owned by a third-party company. If the building owner puts restrictions in place – like mandating workers to be vaccinated before entering – can they enforce this on our workplaces?
Without a public health order by a provincial health or local public health authority, it is unlikely that a building’s landlord would be able to enforce restrictions such as mandatory vaccinations.

It’s important to keep in touch with your PSAC regional representative or shop steward to let them know about any policies from the employer on this issue so that we can address them.

Regional office contact information

And the site as it was on August 17th, both 2021

August 24, 2021

In a recent meeting with PSAC and other federal public service bargaining agents, Treasury Board committed to ongoing consultation in the development of a vaccine requirement framework.

The employer has confirmed that no new policy will be implemented until after the current federal election.

PSAC remains in support of vaccination requirements to protect the health and safety of our members and their communities. Throughout the consultation process, PSAC will ensure the protection of members’ rights in the workplace, as well as their right to privacy.

We will continue to provide updates as the federal government develops its vaccination requirements plan.

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