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2 Replies to “Protestor at Ottawa Civic Hospital event, explains his view on mRNA shots, and the issue of ADE”

  1. Very interesting site. Many links to research.
    “No Jab For Me” https://nojabforme.info/
    The site contains 430+ links to various primary sources.
    Statements in this site are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Informed Consent requires a flow of accurate, unfiltered information.
    Click on the hyperlinked sections to direct you to primary sources such as CDC, WHO, FDA documents.
    Anyone trying to take down this site, either by disabling links or posting warnings that this site is dangerous, will be named as codefendant in the equivalent of another Nuremberg trial for being an accomplice to crimes against humanity. That includes social media and newsletter executives and their order takers. Lawyers are standing by.
    If you have legal questions regarding vaccine or mask mandates click the “LEGAL FORMS” button.

    Initially, the FDA had authorized Moderna and Pfizer mRNA gene therapeutics they dubbed “vaccines”.

    Fauci confirms. And Pfizer erroneously had stated that the vaccine may prevent you from getting COVID-19. As we know by now, the Pfizer jab prevents neither infection nor transmission. Also, let’s underscore that pregnant and breastfeeding women are not to be vaccinated.

    The Clinical Trials, technically, are currently underway and won’t end until October 27, 2022 for Moderna, and July 30, 2023 for Pfizer. Humans are the guinea pigs. The notion that a jab can be approved as safe under these set of circumstances should ring the alarm bells of every District Attorney and Attorney General, who is not compromised.

    Pfizer makes the case that during an ongoing clinical trial (the one we are currently in) its vaccine has been shown to prevent COVID-19 following 2 doses. That is until booster shots were called for. SELL SELL SELL. Again, such assertions are key in proving not only fraud but crimes against humanity. If they are still learning how the “vaccine” behaves on people that means they are still in trial mode; that means it should never have been approved safe. This borders on racketeering.

    None of the 20+ severe effects of a COVID-19 Jab, as discussed in an October 2020 FDA-CDC meeting are mentioned in the Pfizer Fact Sheet.

    Pfizer erroneously states its jab cannot give you COVID-19, when in reality – as we shall establish – the messenger RNA programs your cells to produce the pathogen in the form of the Spike Protein, the very pathogen it is supposed to shield you from.

    The Australian government uses the term poison in reference to the vaccines. Its military stresses it.

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