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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for August 25, 2021 whole show”

  1. Masks: Only 10% effective against catching C-19. .
    No data on how harmful they are if worn for hours on end, day after day, notwithstanding psychological problems.
    Everybody I know is freaking out because they must now wear them for work. Depression and anger settling in.

    • Tell them to shut up and do what they are told. Send emails to all the candidates in your riding, ask them what is their take on the masks. Do not be surprised at the “shut up and do what you are told for he “greater good” replies. We are in BIG trouble.

  2. Wow…did not know this.

    ff 19:23 on this BitChute video clip Eric Prince, founder of BlackWater, reminded listeners of Blackwater’s efforts to rescue Biden and several Democrat Party VIPs who got lost during Congressional visit to Afghanistan ESCAPE Taliban territory in 2008 when their helicopter got lost during a blinding snow storm in the winter . Today, BlackWater continues to rescue Americans during Biden’s Afghanistan abject surrender to the Taliban and abandonment of remaining Americans .

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