Tucker Carlson for August 24, 2021

A few comments below:

Once again it becomes important to address the illusion of hypocrisy and double standards.

The left uses words more or less consistently. But with a very different meaning. They know what we think when we hear those words, because they were raised with the same conventions. But they mean them differently. They also use language to a different purpose than non-leftists do. This is crucial to understand.

White supremacy has nothing to do with race for the left, other than to inspire feelings of guilt and to put non-leftists on the defensive. What it does have to do with, is Western Civilization. So a white leftist who hurls racial abuse at anyone who promotes anything to do with Western civilization and its principles and foundations in Greek thought, are not racist. But a black person who does in fact believe in things like the merit principle, national integrity and the sustaining of a national culture which works, including a Martin Luther King version of non-racism, is a “white supremacist.

This means it is not a double standard but a single continuum.

Put succinctly: Any revolutionary action is to be rewarded, and if illegal, not punished or the crime ignored or spun out of existence (like the shooting of Ashley Babbit.).

Any counter-revolutionary act must be punished using the legal system where possible by spin or any other means, and by extra-legal means like destroying the livelihood, family ties, relationships and fortunes of this person. Ideally with charges of racism etc. Blackmail within the letter of the law but against the spirit of the law. Such as calling employers and explaining that an employee is a “racist” or “white supremacist” and the sponsors and clients will all be harassed with organized calls unless this employee is fired or loses credentials etc.

Revolutionary actions work against the state. Counter-revolutionary actions support it.

This is why the January 6th event in DC was called an insurrection and all the power that could be grabbed and rights of protestors violated for as long as possible, while taking over parts of cities and declaring them autonomous zones and hurling firebombs at police and into police stations is not.

This also might be a good time to point out something important about Communism that is widely known, but not widely factored in to people’s calculous.

This flag is not, despite what google and others may show you, the flag of the Soviet Union. It is the flag of the Communist Party. This is important in that criticism of the Democrat Party, as Tucker points out is part of the issue here, because Communism is entirely party centric. It has no sense of nationhood whatsoever. It is a global project for central planning over all people everywhere with zero consideration of the culture, history or even well being of the people who built for themselves, a land where they could be who they are.

I do not know if the Democrat party has a flag per se. But the Democrat Party clearly views itself as more of what should rule than anything American. Just like the Liberal party of Canada.

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