Apps to watch you, masks to muzzle; vaxx to infect you, disease justifies authoritarian view: Links 1, August 25, 2021

1. What’s that you say? An app which allows or disallows you to go to a bar or restaurant on your smart phone based on your Vaxx status is a right wing conspiracy theory?

(Increase in cases of 250% from last year. But last year no one was vaccinated. Ok then, better get the shot.)

2. Mandatory masks in Quebec schools

3. Meanwhile:

4. Australia: Covid and the transition from Democracy to Authoritarianism

5. Stunning example of how the media enforces the Covid narrative at the expense of good scientists and physicians.

You really have to listen to this BBC presenter ambush this doctor in a way we can all safely know he would never do with a pro-lockdown or vaxx politician or any purveyor of the narrative. He is also wrong. Actually beyond wrong, he lies. Kerry Mullis does in fact say it should not be used as a diagnostic test. The video of the PCR test inventor specifically stating on this site that it is not nor was it meant to be a diagnostic test, and that it detects fragments of a virus with no indication of actual infection, has been posted to this site.

Thank you EB., M., ET., Johnny U., Chris Jones, Richard, MarcusZ1967, Tama, and many many more who are paying enough attention to spot the MSM’s actual agenda.

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