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8 Replies to “Australia: Cause and effect”

  1. Betcha a fresh mask this Oz hell is coming to Dystopia for the long, dark winter. Dear Leader can entertain himself with his newly-imported Bacha bazi boys down on the Aga Khan island while we plebes eat bugs.

    • Oh? This wall-eyed little goit hangs around there, too?
      Likely pushed Trudeau’s stool for’im; that dwark is a regular visitor to king muslim’s island.

  2. Dear Jesus, we can do little but you can do everything. “With God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19: 23-26
    Help us Lord. You see the problem better than we do. Help us. Amen.
    Friends, there is not a solution without God. God rescued Israel 12 times, but not until they repented of their sins and turned to Him. God will help us, but we must repent, change our lives, and get right with Him again. This is a spiritual battle. Learn. Drop your pride. And change.

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