Afghanistan and open Vaers under attack: Links 2, August 16, 2021

1. Say what you want about Alex Jones. But given the magnitude of events that are taking place, events that this site did calmly and politely predict, warn and explain about for years, any criticism should be levelled at we here at VladTepes. Because Jones here actually shows the right level of anger and hysteria. LANGUAGE X 2

2. People clinging to a US Hercules (?) aircraft as it leaves Kabul. Then falling off

3. CNN shows that even enemy propaganda can adapt when needed

Interesting how at the end she says: “…it’s still a conservative society so they still wear the…”. That is enemy propaganda. It is still a MUSLIM society. A conservative society would allow them to wear whatever. And would prefer they do not wear a face covering. But CNN is still loath to make any association between Islam, and anything the West would not like. If you asked the Taliban or any religious muslims, they would not hesitate to say its an islamic society.

4. Open Vaers system appears to be under an attack big enough to shut it down for days.

5. It seems you don’t need to be vaxxed or wear a mask if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Afghans about to come into the West

Thank you all who are watching and informing us all of a most depressing set of events.

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  1. Alex Jones: “This is a satanic world government takeover.”

    Right on. American patriots need to get up to speed, and the ostriches among us need to get our heads out of the sandy hole we’ve put them in.

    The handwriting is on the wall: Law abiding, peace-loving people everywhere are targeted for the Gulag. That’s what these lockdowns are — a means of subjugating us in the short run, eliminating us in the long run.

    Where was it I read that before the end, without the mark of the beast on one’s forehead or their right hands, people will be able neither to buy nor to sell, rich and poor alike. Revelation 13:15-18.

      • The best interpretation I can find is they spell out all the symbols for Roman numerals below 1000: 666=DCLXVI
        Making Rome, the enslaver of nations, the Beast.

        This can be applied to Communism, islam and Sexacadamy, for they too create Preferentials and Serfs with Hate Crimes to imprison the latter.

        • Essentially there are two Beasts: one from the sea and one from the earth — these two join forces to wage battle against Christ’s church.

          The Beast from the sea is secular abusive government — of any stripe, as you allude to.
          The Beast from the earth is the apostate Church; and yes, the church of Rome is very much implicated.

          • I must agree re the apostate ‘church’ and Rome aka Vatican. I’ve read so many times that the Vatican will be the first to fall.

      • Even the ancients sought guidance on the meaning of 666.

        Here are a few resources for the curious among us:

        “The Revelation to John,” by Martin Franzmann, Concordia Publishing, St. Louis. 1968.

        “Revelation: The Distant Triumph Song,” by Siegbert Becker, Northwestern Publishing House, Milwaukee, WI.1985.

        “Revelation,” by Wayne D Mueller, NPH, 1996.

        And: “End Times: Jesus Is Coming Soon,” by Thomas P Nass, NPH, 2011.

        This last title treats of the various false teachings of the end times among a host of American evangelicals in contrast to the teaching of several Lutheran church bodies. So it’s a good place to start in order to unmuddy the waters, so to speak.

        Thank you for asking, PC.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. The masks are the “mark of the beast”. What better way to prevent people from getting together and noticing that something’s not quite right than convincing them that they are murderously contagious and should avoid other humans at all cost? They’ve got everybody creeping around keeping to themselves and going inside quickly. They’re killing our spirits and our love of life itself.

      The enemy is behind all this, folks. They’re beating us to death and we don’t even know they’re doing it. They are clever indeed…

    • A great comment, Darcy. There will also be global famine.

      As we see food prices (fresh produce and meat and fish) shooting up, often barely within reach for the middle class, while junk and processed foods are on the cheap and often reduced in price, we are entering Tribulations.

      We are in dire need, as a society, of a Great Reset but not of the United Nations, but rather from higher up (the Lord).

  2. I gotta tell you, I don’t really keep up with Alex Jones, but that video clip of him sounds nearly the way I do sometimes when reading about current events. Our societies are crumbling, thanks to globalist communism. The clot shots are almost certainly a eugenics movement, and it’s monstrous that they’re going after babies and pregnant women now.

    It’s hard to see a constructive way out of all this. As for the US, I think our government has been trying like hell to instigate some patriotic backlash, but the people didn’t bite. So, like Jones said, the gov is just going to make-up some false flag attacks on their own and blame it on the people.

  3. Exactly right, Alex. The bad guys have gotten a hold of the media and Hollywood and now they have their second Manchurian Candidate in the damn White House, and they’ve got enough dirt on him to keep him in line for a thousand years. And they’re going to keep tanking the US economy along with its international prestige while they load the country up with useless eaters from Third World countries that are guaranteed to collect welfare as they all vote Democrat to get that free food and diapers for their innumerable babies…

    Well said, Alex… Well said!

  4. The mainstream media did us a great disservice when they censored the video of Daniel Pearl being beheaded by the Muslims. They just couldn’t stand the idea of us sheep actually seeing first-hand just how wicked Islam is, so they let us believe that all they did to poor Daniel was chop off his head, like Mary Queen of Scotts or King Whatever III.

    The reality is that being beheaded in the Tower of London would be a refreshing walk in the park compared to what the Muslims do to you. I’ve seen a beheading and they hold the poor screaming guy down and then slowly saw off his head as he thrashes and gurgles and squirts blood out of the newly-formed hole in his throat. It is the cruelest evilest thing I’ve ever seen and it is one of the main reasons why I hate the religion of Islam to the extent that I do. They are unthinkably cruel but our mainstream media always seems to be on their side.

    If you’ve seen a real Islamic beheading then you know why those people are so desperate to get away from the Taliban. Being shot at the Battle of the Bulge by a German machine gun would be a bubble bath compared to being caught by the Taliban. In fact, you’d be better off in the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp than in the hands of those evil monkeys. People need to know the truth. Islam is profoundly evil. Even Adolf Hitler would be sickened by an Islamic beheading…

  5. The C-17 footage – Ahhhhh! Le monde juste! De nada, hermanos, that made my day.
    Certainly more permanent than falling a few feet from a Huey, ala Saigon ’75.
    Nothing like that, according to the meat puppet in chief.
    Political satire is dead, friends. Even Carlin couldn’t make up schvitz wackier than this.

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