Something up with election data tonight? Links 2, August 10, 2021

1. The translation appears to be legit: Israel: No difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated; both are at the same risk of contracting COVID

(Best to read the whole article at the link. Still not sure after reading it if the injection offers lower intensity of disease symptoms and less change of death even though it is clear the “viral load” is exactly the same for both cohorts. So, best to read it at link above)

2. There is rare real news on the election exam finally. Its not sexy, but much more importantly, its actually meaningful. Mike Lindell, the “My Pillow” guy, who has been pushing a great deal of unverified claims about machine tampering and other forms of election fraud, none of which had any substance, and perhaps as interesting, none of his claims dealt with the absolute for-sure we KNOW the election was fraudulent, like media and social platforms biasing against Trump, even illegally.

But now he is having a “Cyber Symposium” and has invited a totally reputable cyber-investigator to examine his claims and data.

Please read this thread by Rob Graham:

3. Mike Lindell: You’re Going To See Something At 7pm CST Tonight That Will Change The World
Bannons War Room – August 10, 2021

(Well, there isn’t much else on at that time, is there?)

4, Fauci justifies more totalitarian measures to get a shot that doesn’t seem to offer many benefits for the danger it presents

5. 1,500 Rabbis Slam the ADL as Unable Even to Identify, Much Less Fight, Anti-Semitism

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has strayed a long distance from its stated mission “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” For years now, it has been essentially the Leftist Anti-Defamation League, espousing far-Left cause after far-Left cause, no matter how opposed these causes were to their supposed core mission of stopping anti-Semitism. Now the Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), a coalition of over 1,500 Orthodox Jewish rabbis, is calling out the ADL for having lost “the moral clarity to properly identify antisemitism, let alone combat it.”

The ADL earned this richly deserved repudiation by declaring “anti-Israel activism in and of itself is not antisemitism,” and announcing that it would not reject anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) resolutions out of hand, but would “carefully evaluate” each one. CJV Southern Regional Vice President Rabbi Moshe B. Parnes minced no words in laying bare the extent of the ADL’s betrayal: “Only someone with no sense of Jewish history could claim that BDS is not antisemitic. The first Nazi edict was a boycott of Jewish businesses; economic warfare directed against the Jewish people was then and has always been one of the first signs of systemic Jew-hatred. Combating antisemitism in all its forms defined the ADL’s mission throughout its long and storied history, and it is crucial that it return to its core goals.”

Yet instead of confronting and combating anti-Semitism, when the crazy-Left ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s announced that it would no longer sell ice cream in what it falsely claimed was “occupied Palestinian territory,” the ADL’s response was tepid, at best. “We are disappointed by this decision from @benandjerrys,” the ADL tweeted. “You can disagree with policies without feeding into dangerous campaigns that seek to undermine Israel.”

Thank you M., Yucki, KAF., Johnny U., Marianne W., Mad W.,  and MANY more who help preserve sanity better than a chest full of Thorazine.

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  1. “Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium August 10, 11, 12, Ongoing Livestream Links”
    by Sundance – August 10, 2021

    There have been technical challenges for video of the Cyber Symposium. Mr. Lindell notes Big Tech is attempting to interfere.
    There is going to be an announcement at 7:00pm Central Time tonight.

    Pete Santilli’s video minus the flashing continues to play.

  2. The Totalitarian Ideology of Lockdownism

    The lockdowns are looking less like a gigantic error and more like the unfolding of a fanatical political ideology and policy experiment that attacks core postulates of civilization at their very root. It’s time we take it seriously and combat it with the same fervor with which a free people resisted all the other evil ideologies that sought to strip humanity of dignity and replace freedom with the terrifying dreams of intellectuals and their government sock puppets.

  3. Update FYI: Jovan Pulitzer was commenting on / broadcasting some of the Cyber symposium – he has been deplatformed by screwtube:
    GOOD MORNING FOLKS sorry for the porn and bot attacks here last night. We think we have identified and eliminated all the posting accounts this far. As you can tell from this and me being totally deplatformed from YouTube last night we are OVER THE TARGET and it’s a war. Thus all the stops are being pulled out to stop the truth from coming out. Will know more later today.
    JovanHutton Pulitzer
    Aug 11 at 09:39”

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