Leading Israeli Health Official: Vaccinated Account For 95% of Severe and 85-90% of New Covid Hospitalizations; Vaccine Effectiveness is “Really Fading”

From Gateway Pundit:

(I’ve sent this out to two Hebrew translators to check the translation for anything misleading or inaccurate. I hope to know and update soon)

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14 Replies to “Leading Israeli Health Official: Vaccinated Account For 95% of Severe and 85-90% of New Covid Hospitalizations; Vaccine Effectiveness is “Really Fading””

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/us/oregon-governor-signs-bill-suspending-math-reading-proficiency-requirements-for-hs-graduates

    Now here’s an example of people leaning so far to the left that they are headed in the entirely wrong direction. They have achieved perfect diametrical incorrectness. The whole reason they invented “school” in the first place was to ensure that the populace knows how to read the newspaper and do some basic arithmetic. By no longer requiring proficiency in those things the entire purpose of school has been negated and they might as well just shut the damn things down and give up in defeat.

    And the only reason that any intelligent person does not “test well” is that they have not bothered to spend any time examining the subject. The whole “test well” thing is nothing but BS. Practically anybody can get an A+ on a math test if they just do the required exercises and stop listen to Gangster rap. Not “testing well” is code for being shiftless and lazy unless you have an IQ like Forrest Gump…

  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/cuomo-resigns-reaction-ny-governor-sexual-harassment

    They’re not fooling me. I hope they’re not fooling you. They’re going to make a big fuss about these sexual harassment charges and any other minor thing they can think of and then make so much noise doing it that no one can ask, “Hey. What about all those old at-risk COVID-positive patients that got sent to unprepared nursing homes when there was a huge Army hospital ship sitting in the harbor ready to be of assistance?”. Yeah, that question, Governor, not to mention how many people died because they were denied hydroxychloroquine for the same Trump-hating reasons.

    Hatred of the bad Orange man is not a valid reason to murder thousands of senior citizens, at least not in the minds of conservatives. I guess it’s all OK with liberals as long as it hurts Trump and his Deplorables…

    And you can bet that friends of Cuomo will tip him off about any actual arrest warrants so he can get the hell out of Dodge and begin his new life in a multi-million-dollar villa in, say, Southern Spain…or, how about Malta? I know it would be tough but I think he’ll muddle through. Spend his life sailing, puttering in his magnificent garden, or just going out to nice restaurants…

    What do you wanna bet that Cuomo is worth a hundred million dollars…?

    • Libertarian Democrat
      by Lawrence W. Reed – July 23, 2013


      The only Democrat to actually capture the White House between 1865 and 1912—Grover Cleveland, born in New Jersey but a New Yorker most of his life and governor of the state—was arguably one of the very best and most pro-liberty presidents of the 44 we’ve had.

      Liberty and Character | Lawrence W. Reed
      LibertyInOurTime – September 1, 2019

      Lecture presented by Lawrence W. Reed on July 24, 2009 at the Foundation for Economic Education seminar “Freedom University III.”

  3. OLD PEOPLE who are vaccinated and who get the damn thing again are very likely to be in hospital and are at significant risk of death. Same with every other ‘dangerous’ condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and overweight.

    Unless they give out a better breakdown of age, co-morbidity, (etc.) the headline is not really meaningful. Remember, about 80% of Israel is vaxxed.

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