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8 Replies to “Dr. Zelenko unsubtly condemns the use of the mRNA shots”

  1. What happened to our society, “The CDC reports 11,000 deaths, that’s not enough?” I have been asking myself for quite some, did everyone’s mother drop them on their head. I know now how Hitler managed to get away with the evil – hundreds of thousands of collaborators, feckless followers.

    The man at the door of the grocery store where I live, announced yesterday, the fourth wave is here — contact tracing, spraying back — checking temperatures and of course masking. Madness

  2. The horror of what zelenko is saying is utterly paralyzing. The Orthodox Jew with his face in his hands at the end gets it.

    • He says this is “World War III” echoing the sentiments of many, I believe (including myself). He also says that their statisticians and “numbers” people are outright lying to them–also the truth, not just in Israel but EVERYwhere.

      The COVID numerologists are the ones keeping this phoney pandemic going, and are the ones providing justification for the medical dictatorship we are all increasingly living under. And at the heart of their false numbers is the 100% fraudulent PCR “test.”

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