Repost of Mt. Vernon School Board meeting with doctor’s testimony on Covid measures

We posted this video yesterday of a doctor who has a specialty in the area that would make him better than average physician on understanding the policies surrounding Covid, giving a polite and clear summation of his thoughts to a Mt. Vernon School Board.

Youtube has seen fit to deny us this expert opinion. So here it is again:

Direct link:

Below, a British Colombia Nurse discusses her own anecdotal experience working in a Canadian hospital about how there are now many many patients that are being hospitalized with peculiar issues within a month or so of being injected with the new tech Covid shots. This isn’t scholarly, but it is a solid testimony from personal experience.


Note the careful use of cute terms and replacement words for things like injection, vaccine or Covid19. This is what Samizdat sounds like, and a powerful indicator of where we are now in terms of a free society. People who do not have power cannot use direct terminology or they will be censored immediately instead of in hours or days, like the more powerful and of course, the narrative speakers who not only don’t get censored but get promoted even when they lie and contract themselves on a weekly basis. Fauci for instance.

Thank you Pauline for the video of the nurses. Lets see how long it stays up.

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