How many socialists does it take to change a light bulb? THAT’S NOT FUNNY: Links 2, August 9, 2021

1. Catholic priest is ‘beaten to death’ in France ‘by Rwandan on bail while awaiting trial for arson attack that destroyed Nantes Cathedral last year’

A Rwandan refugee allegedly murdered a Roman Catholic priest in France today while on bail and awaiting trial for setting fire to Nantes Cathedral.

Emmanuel Abayisenga, 40, is said to have made a full confession after killing 60-year-old Father Olivier Maire in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre on Monday morning.

The horrific crime immediately provoked outrage across France, with one politician saying ‘an illegal immigrant’ can ‘set fire to a Cathedral, not be expelled and then reoffend by murdering a priest’.

2. More on the various ANTIFA attacks against Church services in Portland. The video is hours long within the tweet. But at some point it may be worth scrubbing through and grabbing the most odious ANTIFA actions against a Church service. OT interesting fact: In the Soviet Union, communists used to have street theatre mocking Christians, the Church and general Christian beliefs, desecrating images, ideas and any way they could diminish Christianity in the eyes of their audience. If memory serves, the opening scene in the stunning book/movie The Master and Margarita, is of ‘artists’ (propagandists) planning one of these when the Devil shows up and straightens them out. Yes, in dissident Soviet literature, the devil is more devout and a more honest actor than the communists were/are.

3. This is an archived page on the new totalitarian measures in France concerning everything from children and professionals and their relative rights as based on injection status. Open in Chrome and translate to your language. A small sample below:

In middle school and high school, when a positive case is detected in a class, the class will not close but the unvaccinated students will be “evicted”, explained the minister: they will have to isolate themselves at home for 7 days and follow the procedures. distance lessons. Students with a complete vaccination schedule will be able to continue to follow the lessons in the classroom.

A “strong incentive” for vaccination defended by Jean-Michel Blanquer. “I like the vaccine because I like the freedom. It is the vaccine that gives us freedom ”, he pleaded:“ Everyone must understand that the vaccine is the solution ”. For students in 6 th does not have 12 years and therefore can not be vaccinated, details must still be made by September.

(Textbook example of state lies. It isn’t the vaccine that gives anything other than the more than occasional myocarditis. It is policy that removes freedom. Also all the science shows that policy is based on fantasy, not any kind of epidemiological science whatsoever.)

4. The communist paper on making humour illegal if it calls into question communist dogma

LEGAL NOTICE This document has been prepared for the European Commission however it reflects the views only of the authors, and the European Commission is not liable for any consequence stemming from the reuse of this publication. More information on the European Union is available on the Internet ( Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2021

(In case anyone thinks its not an influential document)

5. Two bits of better news:

5a. Mozambique, Rwanda forces retake port town of Mocimboa Da Praia | Islamic insurgents


5b. US B-52 bombers hit Taliban’s positions in Afghanistan

Thank you X., M., Richard, Privileged Crank, EB., JOhnny U., PC., Yucki, Grimly_Fiendish, KAF., and all who are attempting to keep the folds in the cortex well defined.

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  1. USA Military issued an order today that all soldiers must be jabbed by September 15. I’m not going back to find the link.

    On a side note, how easy is it to fool the sheeple? Very easy. Start a false rumor. During a baseball event yesterday, one fan was said to have screamed the ‘N*****’ word. Well, the news went viral and everybody believed it. It turns out, after police investigation, the fan was screaming the name of the mascot named Dinger.

    And such is the world we live in where people are falsely accused leading to threats and manhunts and MSM is part and parcel of the problem. I was reminded of the Islamic Blasphemy Law in Pakistan where hundreds of people go on the hunt in search of the culprit.

    • The forces of darkness and evil hear everything. Instead maybe say, “If an illegal immigrant
      were to set fire to a Cathedral then want to murder a priest, the hand of death would be at the door of his family and they would never again utter his name or see any future generations; England would forever banish him and his kin; anyone who objects would flee in terror.” The politician made it sound like a travel brochure. How many generations has it been since an Englishman has uttered a curse upon a marauding pirate and those who begat him?

      • The Daily Mail reported that this Catholic man was mentally ill.

        “Emmanuel Abayisenga, 40, reportedly confessed to the killing of 60-year-old Father Olivier Maire in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre earlier this morning.

        The Rwandan was awaiting trial for setting fire to Nantes Cathedral last year, and had been taken in by Father Maire’s community while on bail and under judicial control.”

        “However, under the conditions of his bail, Abayisenga was forced to surrender his passport and therefore was not permitted to leave France.”

        “Local prosecutors are leading the investigation, indicating the killing is not being treated as an act of terrorism. BFM TV reported the Rwandan had received treatment in a psychiatric hospital during July.”

        muslims and Catholics become ‘demon possessed – they employ demon-extractors to fix those they break.

        Crushed from above and below – guilt in heaven and sex – into a deviency expressed secretly within the Cults.

        Emmanuel may simply be a victim of the priesthood. From Vatican into the Friar.

      • yimach shemo

        The very worst curse in Judaism is Yemach shemo ve’zicroh, “May his name and memory be blotted out.”

        Deut: 29:19
        “The LORD will not spare him, but then the anger of the LORD and his jealousy shall smoke against that man, and all the curses that are written in this book shall lie upon him, and the LORD shall blot out his name from under heaven.”
        One explanation:
        “Erasure … is nothing less than the cutting off of a soul. Every human has a soul. That soul is a divine spark, the eternal part of his being, his personality, that will survive long after his body has turned to dust.

        “To have ones soul cut off means the destruction of that eternal soul, it means the removal of the divine element in man. It means that when the person dies, there is no hereafter. It is pure oblivion. It is the destruction of an immortal being.”

        • “The very worst curse in Judaism is Yemach shemo ve’zicroh, “May his name and memory be blotted out.”

          If a priesthood can only come one bloodline, then making a curse of their racial stock would be the worst thing ever uttered. It would be like damning the path of Reincarnation for a Buddhist, denying the End Times to a Christian; or claiming that Diversity of Pride is not our strength to a Socialist. Clutched promises of superiority over others, pierced by the contrary idea that talent will out. This definition of Hate Speech – removing leverage.

          • Not detracting from your point, but as a matter of interest, Buddhists work their whole lives to become enlightened, which actually ends reincarnation. The whole point of Buddhism is to stop the endless wheel of suffering which is reincarnation.

            Blocking the path to Enlightenment would be the analog here I think.

            Technically, Enlightenment allows the practitioner to guide their journey after death and MAYBE be reincarnated but with memories of past lives intact or not be reborn and escape samsara (suffering)

            Anyway, just thought its worth mentioning.

          • _EVERY_ soul!
            _NOT_ just Jews!

            EVERY person is made in the image of G-d, EVERY child is born perfect. THAT’S what’s eternal, what connects us all – past, present, and future.

            It’s why I call submission to aloha-ha going zombie. A zombie is hollowed out, soulless. A golem.

            Christians might say, he sold his soul to the Devil. We believers tend to get a little too casual, but we understand each other.

            I know it’s exaggeration. Going tard is nowhere near comparable to yemach shemo.

            That’s reserved for genocidal monsters like the Filthy Turk. Probably why I have such an instinctive aversion to using his name.

            Names invoke presence.
            Words have power (John 1:1).

            • “To have ones soul cut off means the destruction of that eternal soul, it means the removal of the divine element in man.”

              This is a given. But how does a soul get cut off?

              What we are debating, is the curse from another human being, and those who get offended by reacting like cats on a hot tin roof. Those who found nirvanah are not affected. Those who are attached to the world of Religion, Race and Reproduction are.

              For whom ever curses themselves -their conscience – cannot find forgiveness.

              Those who curse, only curse themselves. Unless you permit them to under duress.
              Hence, they use terror every time.

              islam, Communism and Sexstupidity.

  2. 4″…if — in our digitalised societies — a movement wants to be successful, it needs to be entertaining and participatory. In fact, a shared sense of humour has become an effective tool in terms of immersing individuals into extremist ideologies and, as a consequence, contributed to some of the worst acts of violence in the 21st century.”

    “…it demands specialised knowledge to make sense of it and to react appropriately — to determine if one likes the jokes or not. It is especially difficult to cope with the complex dynamics of humorous memes without a profound knowledge of the language and practices of online cultures. This requires the following:
    • Develop and support more resources aimed at understanding vibrant online cultures that far-right actors take advantage of;
    • Improve literacy with regard to memes, codes and symbols online to appear authentic when engaging with young people;
    • Build effective partnerships with the technology sector and researchers to develop knowledge on new developments.”

    “Online cultures quickly develop into extremist movements,
    as seen in the conspiracy cult around QAnon and the anti-government militia in the United States known as the boogaloo movement.”

    For the Far Left, sick-jokes with an element of truth are Fascist.

    And that’s the point, truth is banned.

    Once hundred Russian jokes

    One hundred Islamic jokes

    One hundred sexual-organ and fart jokes

    • It is especially difficult to cope with the complex dynamics of humorous memes without a profound knowledge of the language and practices of online cultures.

      Not only online jokes.
      Even native speakers of American English won’t get MOST jokes if they weren’t raised with TV and Hollywood movies.

      And you can’t catch up later even if you subject yourself to binge-watching Gilligan’s Island. It just doesn’t work.

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