Tucker Carlson speaks with Viktor Orban

When time permits, we will repost this with some of Orban’s speeches and other Hungarian news items we have translated. A quick observation though. Whenever I see a Hungarian, Polish or Bulgarian news report, its startlingly adult. No attacks or hyperbole. No showmanship. Just good questions about policy and questions generated from the answers. When you get to the end, yo feel like there were adults in the room. Western media has infantilized us all in the past 5 decades. Its like intellectual gladiators in the special olympics. Pro-revolutionary people of influence will be lionized. Counter-revolutionary people of influence will be avoided, but if too influential to avoid, Jordan Peterson a few years ago by way of example, a committee will find the most destructive tactics they can before the fact and attempt to destroy them with anything they can think of, relevant or not.

That is the state of the media in the West. It is indeed enemy propaganda and in no way informative.

Here is one video for the moment that may explain a little of what Tucker Carlson describes in his opener. PM Oran’s views on authoritarianism and communism likely made him the target he is of the ‘Lugenpresse’ or enemy propaganda mass media in the West.

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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/cuomo-accuser-criminal-complaint-albany-sheriffs-office

    I wonder if this guy is going to follow in the fatal footsteps of Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell by failing to lamb it when they had a chance and ending up in the clutches of a justice system that will make a big point of totally destroying their famous rich lives.

    If I was King Cuomo the Guilty I would have spent the last months secretly divesting myself of my American assets and arranging for an orderly, well-executed, vamoose out of Dodge before they get me behind bars and keep me there forever, in solitary torture-mode “for my own protection”. Do you really think that Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham have forgotten about the nursing homes and the hydroxychloroquine slander which makes this harassment business look like J-walking in the first degree…

    Like, couldn’t he just retire to a beautiful ocean-front villa in The Gambia and order a few curried meat patties and look at the boats in the harbor and the beautiful black West African people…? Wouldn’t he simply disappear completely if he did that? Run, Forrest, run…! But watch out for the mango worms, Andrew…

  2. I think it was in the book of Ibn Khaldun, the “Book of Prophesies”, that the Armies of Islam will come by Sea, and ultimately the Lands of Christendom will fall to them. (paraphrasing here)
    But who would have thought that Western European Governments are helping them again, just this time not through Internal Religious Strife or Trade-agreements with the Ottomans, now with direct help for Invasion and Take-over.
    Central Europe, and especially Hungary, have not forgotten the decades under the Islamists Heel.

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