Important Tucker Carlson: Broadcast on August 3, 2021

This is an important show even by Tucker Carlson standards. It covers many issues in an amazingly satisfying way for those of us who have paid attention. To condense just a few of them:

We have called the NYT., CBC., CNN., and other enemy propaganda outlets, enemy propaganda for some time. What we meant was, they avoided facts and events that are important news and information to their reading public while publishing lies and events that would create a false overall narrative that was in favour of the COMINTERN. If you don’t like that term, lets say the Democrat Party, the Liberal Party of Canada and any leftist policy or organization bent on the destruction of the classical left.

But last night Tucker exposed the NYT for publishing Chinese paid propaganda as news stories within the paper itself! And then deleting all of those suddenly. Which is odd for a news service which calls itself, “The Paper of Record”.

Also many of us have been annoyed that NY Governor Cuomo is being taken down for what appear to be minor, but majorly hypocritical, sexual harassment events, and a couple which are even sexual assault but in a non violent way, and there is still no mention of all the people he killed with his Covid regulations.

There is much more, and he is still broadcasting from Budapest Hungary.

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  1. Great information. Two points raised so far:

    ‘Vaccines do not prevent covid infections but reduce hospitalization and deaths’

    ‘CCP disinformation to prevent discussions’

    Such as killing police and going for their children to stop a discussion board.

    • It plays perfectly on my Android phone, but is beset with audio problems on mylaptop. Very strange. But then what isn’t. At this point if something works all the time perfectly, one might be tempted to be suspicious of it.

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