Prediction: When the mRNA shots get too bad to hide, they will blame Trump

One of the most dramatic examples of the new order of things in the West, specifically the Winston Smith like, burning of yesterday’s lie to pave the highway for today’s, was how the Biden administration crafted a narrative that would allow him and his colleagues to take full credit for President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. In fact there is a video where Biden is with the CEO of Mode-RNA or Pfizer and takes credit for the development of these products. (although the CEO also interjects that Trump did have something to do with it, seeing as how Biden only was installed in office days before).

With hindsight though, it looks a lot like MODE-RNA had this tech in the wings and was looking for a chance to get it into people’s deltoids, than this was made from the ground up when Trump asked for a solution to the Covid problem, which Fauci and others convinced him was so much worse than anything else in 100 years that the US had to destroy itself by inaction till they had such a solution as a vaccine.

As time is going by, it is becoming increasingly obvious that not only are they not safe, these mRNA devices, but they are actually dangerous, and more so and worse, they appear to be remarkably ineffective. So much so, that the Goebbels Principle is being dragged into full gear, suppressing the truth with the full force of the state in order to push the lie that these injections are what everyone simply has to get to protect themselves from something which has no excess mortality, (and therefore cannot be a pandemic) by any definition used up until Covid19.

One NYT reporter was kicked off of Twitter for posting a study from Pfizer itself that showed there was no measurable difference between deaths in either group, and more and more experts and medical professionals are coming out to warn people not to get these shots.

Eventually, everyone will know someone who had a serious adverse reaction to the mRNA shot and possibly even death, while far fewer people will know anyone that had serious symptoms from Covid let alone someone who died of it. And that, despite the fact that treatment of it for the most part was made illegal except in pockets like Ottawa hospitals that used HCQ as well as the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

At some point, the Biden admin along with Merkel and the rest of the leaders who in our opinion are interconnected in what may as well be described as the COMINTERN will turn the narrative 180 degrees, and blame trump for rushing through these products and pushing aside regulatory agencies that would normally have stopped these from getting into people.

This of course is a half truth and therefore the damnedest of lies. Globally emergency measures were used to allow these untested and unknown, and therefore unsafe by definition, (as they cannot be safe if untested) and so the blaming of President Trump will be about as real as the Russia hoax, the 2020 US election, and a dozen other concocted narratives by the left.

Nothing is as good to test the validity of a model as a prediction. So here it is. And I expect it to happen fairly soon.

Notice the rapidity of the change in narrative on social media, and even with banal nighttime TV talk show hosts, where they went from the Wet market origin of the virus, to the Chinese lab leak. This was likely to cover up the fact that it was Gates, Fauci, Google and Facebook and likely a lot of other actors like Trudeau (Winnipeg Lab?) who funded the Gain of Function research which created Covid19, and more importantly, whatever they plan to throw at us next. So we know they do this. And Trump is their go to blame-sink.

So I can see this happening sometime around Christmas. By then, the micro-clotting from the shots will be creating symptoms that will be impossible to ignore in quite a few people who have had both shots.

Needless to say, I hope to look foolish on both aspects of this prediction. Ideally, the people who got injected are protected from the worst aspects of the Covid virus, and there are none to few adverse reactions and no one needs to blame anyone, and Biden continues to steal credit for them. But just going by the events of the last decade or so, this seems a likely set of events.

Thank you for indulging me and reading this post.

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6 Replies to “Prediction: When the mRNA shots get too bad to hide, they will blame Trump”

  1. Also possible when the vaccinated figure out what happened to them they will turn in fury on the un-vaccinated as scapegoats. Could get real ugly. Cognitive dissonance + remorse, an unpredictable brew!!

    • The only solution is continued compassion both ways. Whatever happens, all people wanted the best for all people. There is no room for schadenfreude here. The stakes are too high and the fault doesn’t lie with the people who took it or did not.

      It lies with the people who lied to us all about what this was all about from the start. The people who denied treatments that worked and they knew it.

  2. The MODE-RNA (it really makes me happy to see you calling those bastards by their real name) shots are no different than an armful of CANCER. It forcibly hijacks normal cells, makes them “irregular” and forces them to produce a TOXIC PROTEIN. How is this different than cancer? If the worst predictions are true it may even reverse-transcribe itself into DNA and become permanent.

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