More videos of the now illegal demonstration against making demonstrations illegal

Please check back on this post and the comments. I will add videos as they come in and are understood.

“All together against the Fascism!”

It is truly heartwarming to see every day German citizens rise up against the current century’s version of the Nazis. Clearly they have learned from history and have taken to the streets in large numbers to oppose this round of violent irrational anti-democratic totalitarian monsters. Hopefully Australians will see this and adopt the attitude. More the pity that the black clad police haven’t looked at a history book though.

Huge numbers of Germans who dare oppose the new Nazis/communists/fascists or whatever name we need for this crop of totalitarian monsters.

Chant: “Peace, Freedom, no dictatorship”

This one appears to be a best of German cops shoving and beating women in today’s demos. The funny thing is, there was no need for police to be there at all. Had the public just been allowed to peacefully protest the insane totalitarian laws being imposed all over the West, and most especially in Sydney, France and Germany, this protest would either not have happened, been very small, or burned itself out in an hour or two. The police prove the point of the protestors. At this point anything that happens to the public from police action is the police’s fault in exactly the same way that whatever happens to a bank robber when he is robbing a bank is his own fault. The police have no excuse to even be there or to act as they are.

Comrades at Youtube have made the above video difficult to access. Probably as its embarrassing to the revolution. So here it is below.

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18 Replies to “More videos of the now illegal demonstration against making demonstrations illegal”

  1. @ Eyeore

    Thanks for re-uploading the restricted video! Millions should see these brutal “Covid measures”.

  2. Jeezuz! What is wrong with you people?
    One thing stands out. The pigs are completely, and massively OUTNUMBERED by the citizens.
    When the stormtroopers get to gooning like this, MOB THEM, DRAG THEM DOWN and TAKE THEM OUT.
    They cannot kill everyone, and we are into a place where for real concentration camps, state mass murder and automatic violence are the standard tools of the state.
    Past time to fight, or you will go under and die at the hands of the swine.
    Get with it, and get hot.

    • May I suggest a more subtle response which will go a long way to changing their hearts and eventually their minds?

      Follow the police home. Start protesting, spontaneously in front of their houses and their families and children. See how they like being oppressed. Let the police explain to their wives and children why they were beating women.

      I’d bet the police violence against the demonstrators would vanish overnight. Who needs this? What do the police get out of being thugs? They are at best “useful idiots” that will be thrown under the bus at the first opportunity. The police have to know that they will have to take a side eventually. Why not sooner than later.

    • You both advocated violence against the police.

      At best, you are pedophile-hunters trying to find nutjobs before they do what you have asked them to do; at worst you are Hate-Crime hunters trying to find thought criminals who agree with you two in angry sentiment, whilst not actually intending any harm they just breached a violence in Communication Act and close the site down.

      Either way, knock it off.

      • Begging yer pardon, mr. snowflake, these are NOT police.
        These are goons, brownshirts. In no way are these actions against un-armed civilians just, or required.
        This is state thuggery and intimidation – note: No arrests or due process, just beatings and smash down because they are pigs, and they can.
        We see police, every day, here in occupied formerly free world, gooning to enforce political diktat, while ignoring crime, or marxist thugs, or nignog thugs.
        The state has declared war on the citizen.
        This is not policing.
        It is war.
        I am advocating defense against totalitarianism – the RIGHT resist is a guarantee of the UDHR, which my state is a signatory to, as is Germany. It is also the duty and obligation demanded of German’s by their Constitution that Government tyranny will be resisted by force.
        Get your head on straight, and quit shilling for the pigs.

      • I wasn’t advocating violence against police – I was just pointing out that the police should know that we know where they live. That if the police want to live in a civilized world, they must act civilized.

        I also see a lot of POLICE violently attacking people for no reason. What law enforcement function is being done when you trip people walking past you? Or punching women in the face? Or the kidney punches, etc.

        Are you some type of authoritarian bootlicker or a plain ole sadist?

      • Are you both saying if you had seen the video of George Floyd dying, you’d incite the same violence on those police officers?


        “Follow the police home. Start protesting, spontaneously in front of their houses and their families and children”.

        • If Defund The Police is genuinely your aim, that they are all “pigs,” and the law is so corrupt to make it worthless to appeal to, what Collective do you suggest to join to successfully coordinate the battle?

          Killing fit police officers isn’t easy. They do communicate with other agencies. What weapons would you be choosing? And would going after females first because you recommended going after children to create the greatest distress.

          I would like to hear of these plan in your minds, to achieve the goals you have just laid out before us.

          • You are just a sophist laying out one straw man after another. No one said anything about George Floyd. George Floyd was a crazed drugged out felon that died because he swallowed his fentanyl stash. Let you seem to want to equate the beating of women and innocent bystanders to that creep.

            The police are pigs. They are corrupt sadists and most are only protecting their pensions. No conscientious police officer would be participating in the wanton violence we saw in Germany and France. Eeyore is correct, you would not see this happening in Texas, but not for the reason one would think of. The police are part of the community in the USA. If you look what happened in Ferguson Missouri, the police brutality seemed to suddenly stop after the protests went into the white neighborhoods where the police and judges live.

            Stop your ad hominem attacks and projecting your evil thoughts and intentions on the rest of us. You are not worthy of any further response.

            • I understand what you’re saying Rdawg.

              Kojo’s comments threaten this site. So we circle the wagons and maybe get a little too worked up.

              We’ve just got to be careful.



    Gangs didn’t use to shoot people in laundromats or at birthday parties, weddings, and barbecues. As a matter of fact, if a Mafiosi did that they would have a sit-down and the guy would be whacked within the next few days if he wasn’t halfway to Argentina already. Mobsters didn’t use to shoot little girls. And I’ve been around lots of Hell’s Angels and they never do anything like that. I don’t even know if MS-13 does that. And from what they say, Al Capone’s Chicago was the safest place in the world when it was being policed by the Mafia and you weren’t a gangster…

    The thing is that in the old days if a gang killed the wrong person the system would come down on their heads – off the record and extra-legal – and they’d find themselves getting their bones broken out in the boondocks somewhere and no judge or prosecutor would care in the least. And sometimes, they’d even find themselves being lynched by a mob of angry citizens. In other words, murdering a civilian or a cop would bring down too much heat.

    But now those days are gone and police brutality is seen as the worst thing in the world and the criminals know they can get away with being sloppy and shooting people who they shouldn’t. The criminals are rapidly spiralling out of control and the threat of prison is just an acceptable cost of doing business for them – a chance to clean up, pump some iron, and catch up with some old buddies…

    Let’s see how the left-wing establishment likes it when they start murdering judges and prosecutors and members of Congress like they do now in Mexico ’cause that’s where this is headed…

  4. George Floyd was a smack dealing thug who got popped, and his heart croaked out. That was policing, and a righteous kill, even if accidental.
    Sheesh! Commie much? Police shills and informants, yeech! You are what I detest about leafs! Sure am glad that the slopes are going to glass you clowns, and I am going to be there to watch you zeks fry. Then I roll up my sleeves, and get to work on cleaning up the remnants.

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