CTV assists arsonist who burned down a Church: Links 1, July 22, 2021

1. Sex doesn’t exist but boys are forced to apologize to girls for being boys. “For their gender”. Whatever the hell that means in this context.

(This is from March 2021. But it still happened.)

2. CTV blurs face of woman who set Church on fire in BC. Yes. CTV protects the identity of an arsonist because they agree with the choice of target no doubt.

3. Ontario moves the goal posts again to make sure we do not get freedoms back. Freedoms we should never have allowed to be taken in the first place. Now, its NINETY PERCENT have to be vaccinated before “we can get back to a more normal state”. Not to normal, to a MORE normal, IF we get 90% injected. He also talks about Delta as being more contagious, but fails to mention if its as dangerous. Which it likely is not as thats how viruses mutate.

4. Dinesh: Biden is following the classical fascist blueprint on vaccines, using the full power of the state, and corporations to coerce and punish to get everyone vaccinated.

5. Consistently, since it was published that the most vaxxed place on Earth, the Saychelles was having an outbreak large enough that lockdowns was reimplemented, it seems that more vaxx does not equal less cases or more importantly, less sickness. In fact, it seems to indicate more. And that is even with the CDC directive that people who have had the shots are to be tested with the PCR test at only 25 cycles instead of 40+ for the great unvaxxed population.

Thank you M., Richard, Kalloi, Johnny U., EB., Tama, Vann, Simpleton1 and MANY more who are paying close attention and have thoughts and sources to enrich us all.


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6 Replies to “CTV assists arsonist who burned down a Church: Links 1, July 22, 2021”

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/us/san-francisco-woman-shoplifting-business

    To any leader with any ability whatsoever, the sight of carefree shoplifters breezing out of stores with their arms full of booty would be enough to set off every alarm bell in his head.
    It may be insured and worth just a few thousand but the message that sends to the people is absolutely disastrous. Julius Caesar would know that. Henry the VIII would know that. Abraham Lincoln would know that. And anyone who doesn’t know that is either a drooling moron or working for the other side. How many kids are going to skip school tomorrow and go out getting free stuff? The damage could keep on going for years. Very, very bad development…

    But of course, to America’s enemies, it’s an excellent development indeed. Soon the US will look like South Africa…

    They need to go “Broken Windows” on them and start putting them in jail – even if only for a couple of days – for stealing a pack of gum the very night they are caught, not six weeks from now in the afternoon in their good-student costumes. Only a real zero-tolerance crackdown will turn this doomed ship around. It would save a lot of folks from committing crimes and getting in trouble, too. Deterrence…

  2. 1. Boys being femaled.

    Q. What is psyops?

    A. Getting you to defeat yourself.

    “At this point, my trust is nearly gone”.

    Could you ever want to be near such a dangerous person?

    You can only trust yourself. If you can’t, nobody can. Only villains want you to trust them. I don’t want you to trust me. For if you did, if I lied, it would emotionally break you. Why would I do that to you, unless I was a con-artist. And why would I let you try to draw sympathy off me for your plight and say “it’s not your fault you put someone onto a pedestal, here, put your dependence with me.” Such a person would suck you dry, for their righteousness in judgement of you helping yourself to them, will destroy you.

    “I know there are still many boys that are trustworthy, but how does one find them?’

    Look to yourself. You’ve got the internet for resources of words and deeds from good brave boys. Dammit, why am I talking to a fraud?

    “I am utterly disgusted and outraged over the barrage of lies and propaganda.”

    Disgust is an emotion. Let it go. The truth is what it is. Hens are everywhere.

    “And maculinity itself is corrupt to the core.”

    Because it is a creature, re-formed to serve the female. A masculine man does not need a woman, but he will give her her due, when she needs him. That is Nature. But the femaled want it bottled up.

    “Several years ago, the chief editor of a Men’s Maiazine said he had to have transgender models and he – his preferred day-pronoun – said maculinity is the New Sensitivity. Another said that there just was no way to stop islam anymore. And another, that even the movies could not be trusted, that the whole blonde Bond series, was simply one great wreaking-ball to mens testies…”

    Out of broken souls, come the New Men. A counterfeit person, predatorily hunting for weakness in other males for a sense of life. There is no father. Submittors seeking submittors. Slaves – distracting themselves from their real purpose in life to be free – battling to being top-slaves.

    “Since then – you can’t believe in anything!”

    Said the spider to the fly inviting her to come in.

    • Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      “HONG KONG: Five members of a Hong Kong union behind a series of children’s books about sheep trying to hold back wolves from their village have been arrested for sedition, police announced Thursday.

      The arrests by the new national security police unit, which is spearheading a sweeping crackdown on dissent, are the latest action against activists since huge and often violent protests convulsed the city two years ago.

      Police said the two men and three women aged between 25 to 28 “conspired to publish, distribute, exhibit or copy seditious publications”.”

    • The psyops is to sow doubt by intimidation.

      It could be all-white children forced to stand up.
      Within these white children, someone says “you didn’t make that,” and a whole bunch of kids believe they cannot achieve for themselves. An imprint of collective shame, a doubt to hold themselves back, and desire not to work with each other.

      Depression is contageous because it seeks validation, and can comes with rewards. Self-harm becomes beneficial, and if anyone challenges it: it’s a disease or they were born that way.

      And the harm to the other non-white children, is that they become princesses, entitled, superior in pride like a muslim, Communist or Woman (redefined).

      You can fake depression, and it acts like a catalyst to cry out “who can we trust anymore?” Chinese propaganda that accuses everyone else of propaganda.

      And then, a Savior comes. And blasphemy, wrong-think, and Hate Crimes become their walls, and the fortresses are their courts.

      • So many Christians, and so few to open their mouths.

        “…no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man.”

        Your child carries a perfect shield of innocence. Socialist schools want to corrupt that, and create a mental dissonance. For example, remove reproductions studies in to exotic pleasures. From Nature to stimulants and drug-addictions.

        “Then indeed he may plunder his house.”

        “Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the children of man, and whatever blasphemies they utter,…”

        Hate Crimes against, Allah, Communism, or Sexual Identities – all forgiven.

        ” …but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin”

        To stop your own soul speaking. The people who feign they are lost and need your approval will make you guilty-for-giving and demand more.

        Like a person who asks for cash, claimed mental health problems, receives an offer, asked for double, agreed, and then say, ‘all you can spare’. They’ve got you serving them. They don’t care about you.

        “- for they were saying, “He has an unclean spirit.”

        They saying something wrong with boys. Who are they going to submit to, to get it back?

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