How badly has government lies about Covid (and others) damaged public trust?

This top video is excellent. It reminds me of how they did the exact same thing for AIDS. They warped and lied to the Canadian public that the risk was equal to all across the board. The facts were of course that homosexual men and somewhat IV drug users were overwhelmingly more likely to get AIDS. They lied to create fear for political reasons and often contradicted themselves. For example, they initially set up a screening program for AIDS/HIV at the borders into Canada and then gay lobbies, which insisted it was not a gay disease, then said testing for AIDS was discriminating against homosexuals so they stopped it.

I bet this sort of lying has killed lots of people, and caused untold damage. At this point the entire prescription system should be examined. I do not see why people should have to get a doctor’s permission for life saving meds like Ivermectin, HCQ or even pain meds for adults. As I see the dirt and horror more and more in the medical system and government, Dr. Thomas Szasz makes more and more sense. Perhaps especially when it comes to drugs.



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  1. At this point, my trust is nearly gone. I know there are still many docs that are trustworthy, but how does one find them? I am utterly disgusted and outraged over the barrage of lies and propaganda.
    And medicine itself is corrupt to the core. Several years ago, the chief editor at the New England Journal of Medicine said that there is no way to sift out the fraudulent data anymore, and even their peer reviewed articles could not be trusted.

    Since then, it’s jumped the shark.

    • “And medicine itself is corrupt to the core”

      if this were a Facebook site, then yes upon this rock a thousand spiked viruses would ermerge in the minds of its readers. It would be an attack on the lazy and ignorant that worked.

      But this is not Facebook.

      To simply cast the behavior of bad agents onto the whole field of western science.

      A few White Supremicists for a Hitler Youth? “America itself is corrupt to the core.”

      There are books that examine corruption in medicine, and editors of medical journals will express their frustration at vested interests plying their fraudulent studies of lies, damn lies and statistics.

      But all medicine is rotten to the core?

      Direct from the pagebook of Communism, to get a nation to distrust its institutions.

      The New Normal

      Using books written to identify corruption, and then flipping them to tarnish everyone. Enron becomes the new normal. This is psyops.

      When the lie needs no evidence or references to back it up, then that is job done. There is no need to question “Islam is an Abrahamic Faith,” “Communism is for The People,” “Medicine itself is corrupt to the core,” “Cis-Genders are the enemy.”

      They told you they loved you. Any voice to the contrary, is a Hate Crime.


      Game over.

      • From this site I read somewhere that the uniformed look at tactics, (conspiracy) and the informed look at logistics (Capitalism, Socialism, islam etc).

        The freedom of the capitalism of competing interests that keep lies exposed, or a totalitarian Health Services are where everyone toes the line, and nothing is revealed about greed and envy at the top.

        Books that reveal truth change things. People that accuse innocent people are changelings.

      • This discussion on self-defeat, like a baby:
        “At this point, my trust is nearly gone.” Like the victim who draws you into their plight before stabbing you, is everywhere.

        Only Femen speak like this.
        The rest is BS.
        Lost. Disgusted. Outraged.

        Using pressure point buzz-words to confuse and draw to their side.

        However, discernment can be applied from this article:

        “Combatting Chemical Weapon Disinformation
        Academia Letters, 2021
        Adaku Jane Echendu”

        “The method of disinformation dissemination varies and ranges from Nations-led initiatives to groups and individuals acting in both covert and overt manners to disinform.
        Covert manners involve some form of disguise using bots, trolls for example, and disguising as citizens expressing their legitimate opinions with no ulterior motives.”

        The enemy of logic and reason is their friend.

  2. An indirectly related topic:

    Those behind the Biden administration, those who worked within the corrupt system to put him in office, can see how they might well lose control if this continues. They are acting exactly as we would expect given this growing reality.

    They need a control tool quickly.

    They need a COVID variant now more than ever….

  3. A new word for the PCR tests: PINGED !!

    ICELAND: The Prime Minister, Chancellor and Health Secretary are all also in self-isolation and yesterday Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer joined them after one of his children contracted Covid.

    Bosses say the sheer number of staff being ‘pinged’ by the NHS Covid app is putting their businesses at risk. They want key employees to be able to escape quarantine if they are double jabbed and test negative for the virus. But Boris Johnson insisted this will not happen until August 16.

    Pictures from today showed aisles at some supermarkets already empty of cheese, meat, bottle water, ice cream and fresh vegetables as an expert warned food chains were ‘starting to fail’ due to staff shortages exacerbated by the ‘pingdemic’.

  4. Vlad’s comment re Dr. Szasz: “involuntary psychiatric treatment”.
    That’s exactly what they’ve done to the people. The weak perish, the mediocre are lost, the strong survive. The mediocre are waking up.

  5. I believe it was Szasz that influenced me and encourage my best friend for his life to quit thorazine. He, following my suggestion quit cold turkey against the advice of his parents and physicians. He remarked until the end of his life that encouraging him to do that was the best thing I had ever done for him.

  6. Thank you for the piece on AIDs. I remember watching very carefully as the whole thing unraveled and couldn’t believe how wrongly and stupidly they acted. It seemed as if the government simply handed all things AIDs over to “the gay lobby”, whoever they are, and stood back as the lobby ignored the real problem and concentrated all their efforts into ensuring that gay men didn’t end up taking the blame for the AIDs epidemic. Do you remember when the San Francisco gay bosses voted to not close the public baths, saying, “If we close the baths, then AIDs wins…”.

    And I loved the one when a girl actually caught AIDs thus bumping the number of girl cases from four to five allowing them to scream, “Young women now fastest-growing demographic of AIDs victims!!!”. It was so important that we all be terrified into impotence for the sake of keeping gays from looking bad…

    And, of course, any conservative who suggested they send agents into the gay community and tackle the public health problem discreetly and efficiently while it was still an ember and maybe controllable was called way, way, way worse than Adolf Hitler – career ruined. They stated with absolute certainty that such direct tactics would result in mass gay arrests, concentration camps, and gas chambers for absolute sure. The only way to prevent a gay Auschwitz-Birkenau was to act as if everybody was at equal risk and move forward from there. AIDS IS NOT A GAY DISEASE!!

    Meanwhile, half the gay guys I ever knew died from the disease, they did such a great job of managing the epidemic. Sound familiar…?

    • This comment from one year ago aged well. Not only is AIDS alive and well but it now has a big sister called MonkeyPox.

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