New Zealand has a SINGLE source of truth: Links 2, July 13, 2021

1. Medical theatre at its most obvious

2. Fauci: “Children under 12 should be wearing masks. No doubt about that! […] and then ultimately from 6 months to 2 years old”

3. Riots in South Africa over the arrest of the former President and Zulu seem to have taken on a very US flavour with a great deal of looting. Unlike the US though, shopkeepers are fighting back and hard.

General rioting

4. A message from the Ministry of Truth of New Zealand

Related: Canada’s Ministry of Truth

5. This is a tough one. This is Canadian Lawyer, Rocco Galati in the 9 minute video below. I think he has argued constitutional matters in the Supreme Court, but thats a vague impression i have from hearing a lot about him rather than actual research. What i do know, is that he is a lawyer, and is suing various Canadian agencies over Covid regulations.

In the video below, he makes the claim that the Canadian government on June 9th, 2021, DROPPED or ended the emergency measures act. IF this is true, then the vaxx is actually illegal, as its only being allowed under fiat rule as none of them have passed any of the usual regulatory bodies new drugs and certainly new technologies, have to undergo to be approved. This video raises a lot of questions. Is there any rule of law left? Do regulatory bodies mean anything if they hold up plans by whoever is actually calling events?

This one leaves me with a lot more questions than answers.

Thank you Pauline, KAF., Johnny U., Sassy, Hellequin GB., Gates of Vienna, M., Richard, Chris Jones, ET., Psy from Mars and MANY more who took the effort to put out a single question.

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5 Replies to “New Zealand has a SINGLE source of truth: Links 2, July 13, 2021”

  1. 4- She makes it clear what is at stake by her desperate tone and absurd proclamation. She is trying to close the truth just as the communists have tried to close the science.

    The communists are taking an incredible gamble–one of the greatest in human history I dare say. Because should their false altruism be commonly known it will be the gallows for them. We must keep pushing. They are losing their nerve, and it will be a revelation to the common man once this is seen and understood.

  2. 5- If the emergency was lifted then all emergency-related mandates are voided. The interim rule Rocco refers to is also groundless because it depends on an emergency as precursor. Further, the declaration is federal so all provincial mandates are rendered null.

    Yes, I’m shooting from the hip in a big way, just for fun, and know full well my legal peril. In fact it is so fun I realized today that I cannot take my kids on a summer road trip beyond the Ontario border without taking experimental injections. Quebec is a maybe, but except for the Gaspé in summer is Quebec worth the constant stupid mask? No way.

    • One only has to look at when our governments, leaders and ministers, etc, stopped wearing masks in public when giving press conferences, photo-ops, and whatever public event.

      I figure we’re dealing with a partial lifting of emergency measures as distancing requirements are still in place for all when out in public.

  3. As far as the Golden Rule is concerned if I was running down the street lighting stores on fire, assaulting people, stealing things, and rioting I would think that I actually deserved to get a couple of bullet holes for my troubles. I guess that makes me a Nazi in some people’s eyes but I truly believe that I would deserve to be shot if I did what these rioters do so casually. In the old days, “Looters will be shot!” was the standard solution to such behaviour. Why are we allowing it now. Shoot them before they gain the upper hand and shoot you. Liberals never seem to understand that there are actually bad people in the world and somebody has to keep them in check or they will multiply like rats…

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