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2 Replies to “Andrew Bostom discusses Fauci’s most recent scare tactics concerning deaths of the great unvaxxed”

  1. IMHO: I don’t know what the fuss is about when nursing home residents get the shot and follow-up shots also, thus they are supposed to be ‘protected’. Against all odds, we’re winning this battle as more people become more informed.

    Today I heard my jabbed neighbors discussing the variants and the follow-up jab. They had friends with them and everybody seemed lost. The couple mentioned me as I had explained a few items to them in simple language, here and there, of which the deleted CDC video and what happens to the spike proteins.

    “Staffers refuse COVID vaccine at scores of NY nursing homes ”

    – Linden Nursing Home in Brooklyn where only 33 percent of staff have received the COVID-19 vaccine. (photo) –

    An alarmingly low number of New York City nursing home staffers have been vaccinated for COVID-19, despite the danger the virus poses to elderly residents, a Post review of state Health Department data reveal.

    More than six months into New York’s vaccination campaign, nearly a third of workers at the city’s elder care facilities have still not gotten a jab — and at 16 of the city’s homes less than half are vaccinated, state Health Department records reveal.

    The biggest resistance was at the 280-bed Linden Nursing home in Brooklyn, where just 33 percent of staffers were vaccinated, well below the 60 percent inoculation rate for its residents. And that low number is an improvement from the 25-percent staff vaccination rate in May.

    “Those low vaccination rates for nursing home staff are absolutely insane,” said Assemblyman Ron Kim, who chairs the State Assembly’s Aging Committee. “They had access to the vaccine before any of us. There should be a requirement for anybody working in these facilities to be vaccinated.”


    • Forgot to mention I don’t want seniors harmed. But it’s high time to authorize and promote the alternative therapies that will save lives.

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