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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    • It is interesting that football is counterpointed to Communism, because..
      1. Soccer is Capitalism and
      2. workers are paid hansomely.

      While Oligarchs do buy clubs, at best as tax-avoidance to play with their own money, no women – or women as men – merit to be in the top leagues.

      Only another Diversity Law will change this. (And we’re back to Marxism)

    M. I find it so ironic that these lunatics seem to ignore the fact that communist countries are run economically by slave labour from their gulags and that the “abandonment of prisons” only applies to the west so that criminals can further undermine society. The people that push this live behind high walls and have security guards and are very unlikely to suffer consequences of this social treason as prisons are designed to PROTECT society from the inmates.

    George Soros-funded Bard College offering course on how to ‘sell’ prison abolition ‘to the masses’

    A New York liberal arts college that was the recipient of a $500 million endowment from liberal billionaire George Soros earlier this year is offering a course this fall on how to “sell” the abolition of prisons.

    The “Abolishing Prisons and the Police” class being offered at Bard College will teach students how to “‘sell'” abolition to the masses and design a multi-media ad campaign to make prison abolition go viral,” according to a course description. The course was first reported by Campus Reform, which covers liberal biases on college campuses.

    “This course explores what’s to be gained, lost and what we can’t imagine about a world without prisons. Through the figure of abolition (a phenomenon we will explore via movements to end slavery, the death penalty, abortion, gay conversion therapy and more) we will explore how and why groups of Americans have sought to bring an absolute end to sources of human suffering,” the description reads.

    “In turn, we will explore a history of the punitive impulse in American social policy and seek to discern means of intervening against it,” the description continues. “Finally, on the specific question of prison abolition, we will think through how to ‘sell’ abolition to the masses and design a multi-media ad campaign to make prison abolition go viral.”

  2. Cryptocurrency 100% control of the great unwashed. Short video of a member of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) saying that with CBDC, central banks will have complete control. Solution: Use cash!

  3. Interview with Bill Holter, money man. He envisions the Great Reset as a monetary event in which counter-party debt (risk) is reconciled by mass bankruptcies.

    It’s hard to argue with his reasoning given the amount of debt in the system, which is a number I cannot compute–2.5 quadrillion? Or something.

    This means there are financial instruments derived (created) from hard assets (maybe your house) by bankers, and then more paper assets (derivatives) created by bankers in the form of financial instruments on the backs of the initial derivative of the hard asset. This rehypothecation of the root hard asset echos to the tune of a ponzi never before seen.

    Before any digital currencies can function properly there must be a settling of accounts. The extinguishing of debt cannot occur if said debt is merely transferred. Transfer does not constitute settlement. This is why the buck stops with physical precious metals–no counter-party risk. Digital currencies may be imposed but they cannot work unless and until they are backed by tangible assets. It is possible to back a currency for a period, as the U.S. has done since August 15, 1971. This was accomplished by making a deal with the Saudis that they would provide a stable supply of crude oil to fuel American industry. America would protect the Saudi family in return. The dollar then became backed by productivity and military might. Yes, its purchasing power eroded at the targeted rate of about 2% per year, but this was slow enough to keep “the natives” passive.

    Any talk of a digital currency is a chimera until debt is extinguished.

    • Digital currencies have a major problem called tractability, when you are using digital currencies the banks and governments and access your records and have a record of all of your purchases. By studying these purchases they can build a fairly accurate picture of how you think and act, this gives them the ability to predict what you will purchase and do in the future and where you will make those purchases at. How much control are you willing to give the Banks and other big businesses and the Government? As KontrarianKim says use cash.

    • “The autumn and winter of 2021 will be our first “trial by fire”. We’ll just have to wait and see how many fully “vaccinated “ people end up succumbing to the seasonal flu and other infections. That’ll give us a benchmark for how prevalent paradoxical immune enhancement aka pathogenic priming or antibody-dependent enhancement, which essentially results in a cascade of immunological overreactions and wind up killing us.”

  4. Oxymorons

    Found missing
    Open secret
    Small crowd
    Act naturally
    Fully empty
    Pretty ugly
    Original copy
    Only choice
    Liquid gas

  5. zero hedge : Meet Jigsaw: Google’s Intelligence Agency

    It’s no secret that Google regularly collaborates with intelligence agencies.

    But Google also operates its own internal intelligence agency – complete with foreign regime change operations that are now being applied domestically.

    And they’ve been doing so without repercussion for over a decade.

    Google Jigsaw – USA Psyop Edition

    Google Ideas was renamed Google Jigsaw in 2015 after years of bad press and controversy – this time with an eye on performing psychological operations in the United States.

    But all that experience data mining and overthrowing Middle Eastern nations wasn’t just thrown out. Rather, Jigsaw repurposed its internal psychological operations program (code-named Operation Abdullah) to instead target “right-wing conspiracy theorists,” as revealed by privacy researcher Rob Braxman.

    Using a technique known as the redirect method, Jigsaw attempts to populate outbound links to dissuade potential thought-criminals from looking at wrongthink.

    Make no mistake – the redirect method is about more than manipulation of search engine results. It’s one thing to manipulate the content of searches based on query strings, but to target the psychology of the searcher themselves requires an accurate psychological profile of the person doing the searching.

    And Google has psych profiles in spades thanks to centralized Google logins: To Android phones, to Gmail accounts, to adjunct services like YouTube, even to children via Google Classroom.

    You don’t even need to use Google’s search engine to populate them with weaponized data. In fact, search alone provides far fewer avenues for offensive metadata usage than a cell phone.

    We would implore readers to take a look at Jigsaw’s site. It’s a study in how to use front-end design to creep out your visitor, as a snippet of JavaScript code ensures your cursor is tracked in a spotlight throughout your visit:


    The four subheaders on Jigsaw’s homepage, Disinformation, Censorship, Toxicity, and Violent Extremism demonstrate this tactic at work.

    There is no greater source of media disinformation than MSM and the information served up by Google search engines.

    Big Tech are at the forefront of destroying free speech through heavy-handed censorship, Google among them.

    Psychological manipulation tactics used by the social justice crowd doubtlessly instill toxicity in those subjected to them.

    And Google’s well-documented history of participating in bloody regime change as described in this article are textbook cases of violent extremism.

    Yet Jigsaw markets itself as combating these societal ails. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, just as Google’s former company tag-line of “Don’t Be Evil” was a similar reversal of reality.

    […]Furthermore, as the Biden administration seeks to reclassify half of the country as domestic extremists, it’s no secret that companies like Google, with their vast data weaponization programs, will play a key role in identifying Public Enemy #1:


    more :

  6. Russian man implants cybernetic chip to unlock hospital doors

    Volchek implanted a total of five microchips into himself, with which he can open locked doors and operate ATMs with just one hand movement.

    He had his first chip implanted in 2014. Volchek originally had six chips, but one got outdated so he had to remove it. However, he claims that today this is no longer a problem since the chips can now be easily reprogrammed.

  7. sky news australia – ‘Cynics’ think buyers are using Hunter’s canvases to ‘funnel money to the Biden family’

  8. channel 4 – Government urged to make decision over offering Covid jab to vulnerable children

    + comments on the YT page

  9. FBI releases documents on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich | FreePressers
    3-4 minutes

    FBI releases documents on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich

    Seth Rich

    FPI / July 11, 2021

    After years of denying that it had any information on the case, the FBI has recently released thousands of pages of documents it has on murdered Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich.

    Documents posted this week on the FBI Vault include two emails which discuss a “hit man” targeting Rich. Another email says that it is “conceivable” that an “individual or group” would pay for the DNC staffer’s death.

  10. Latino activist group alleges states sending law enforcement to border engaging in ‘insurrection’
    Ronn Blitzer
    3-4 minutes

    The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is calling on President Biden to stop governors of several states from sending law enforcement officers and National Guard members to the southern border.

    In a letter sent to the White House on Sunday, LULAC National President Domingo Garcia called out Texas, Arizona, Nebraska, Idaho, Florida and South Dakota for sending personnel to the border, claiming that it was an “insurrection” by a group of states improperly using their resources.

  11. ‘Obama is unacceptable’ Boris ‘rejects’ Biden choice for US Ambassador after Brexit claim
    David Maddox and Marco Giannangeli
    6-7 minutes
    Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. logo
    DOWNING Street has denied claims that the delay in the appointment to the US Ambassador to the UK is because the Prime Minister objected to Joe Biden’s first choice – Barack Obama.
    Joe Biden: Host express concern for his cognitive health

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  12. World Economic Forum –

    How will behaviour change after COVID vaccination?

    New survey reveals post-pandemic trends

    […]Three-quarters of people said they’d continue to social distance and wear masks post-vaccination, according to a survey.

    In Mexico, 86% of people will continue adhering to social distancing measures.

    Similarly, 85% of Mexicans polled by Ipsos said they will continue to wear a mask in public. Not far behind are Brazil (83%), Japan and Italy (both at 79%), and the UK (78%).

    […]Vaccine hesitancy continues to be a problem in some parts of the world. In the US, some states have resorted to giveaways and incentives to encourage people to get their COVID jab.

    The BBC has even sought to debunk a series of viral videos that have falsely claimed the vaccines are making people magnetic.


    World Economic Forum –

    ‘Lack of cybersecurity has become a clear & immediate danger to our society’:

    Klaus Schwab, Cyber Polygon 2021

    World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab opens Cyber Polygon 2021 with a warning: “A lack of cybersecurity has become a clear and immediate danger to our society worldwide.”

    Giving the welcoming remarks at Cyber Polygon for the second year in a row, Schwab spoke at length about the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) desire to tackle cybersecurity by bringing together a closer merger of corporations, small businesses, and governments.

    more :

    Cyber Polygon 2021. Developing secure ecosystems

    • Cyber Polygon 2020 Highlights

      120 teams from 29 countries took part in the technical training where they exercised their abilities to respond to cyberattacks and investigate incidents in real time, using classical computer forensics and Threat Hunting approaches.

  13. French teen harassed for Islam rants meets with rector of Paris’ main mosque

    ( 4 min 10 )

    Mila, a French teen harassed online over a series of social media rants on Islam, meets with the rector of the Paris Grande Mosquée, Chems-Eddine Hafiz, who gives her a Quran.

  14. I’ve just started watching the European Cup soccer match. Stadium full. Now I know why Boris the Spider told the country they were free (temporarily) to use their judgement. It would have been political bad news to stop this game. Goof.

  15. Should we heed the gathering storm clouds? | The Conservative Woman
    By John Le Sueur
    6-7 minutes

    IN THE wild, chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are aggressive. They live in cruel male-led societies, similar to gangs, and females are subjected to gang rape. The gang leader and his acolytes often go on murder and pillage attacks on neighbouring chimpanzee gangs.

    Bonobos (Pan paniscus) look much the same yet are much more peaceful, female-dominated societies.

    The dividing line seems to be the Congo River: bonobos to the north and chimpanzees to the south.

    We humans have both of those extremes in our societies and a whole lot of ‘civilised’ humans in between. But how civilised are those people? What does it take to turn them from one extreme to another?

    It has been a long time since there has been a world war. But today, we can see one brewing. Are we living at the end of peace? What will a world war look like if it kicked off today and who will it be between?

    President Xi of China is increasingly bellicose in his rhetoric, preparing the Chinese for war. He says firmly that the world must bow to the Chinese people, which means the Chinese Communist Party.

    China’s military might exceeds that of the USA, and is growing still stronger.

    Is China mad enough to launch a nuclear war? ‘Maybe’ is the answer.

    China is making many threats towards Taiwan. The Japanese are prepared to help defend Taiwan. Australia cannot be far behind, nor can India. Taiwan, if attacked by China, could be the flashpoint.

    India is already under skirmish attack from China in its northern areas. Disputed borders, they call it. It is also under attack with factories that have taken business from the Chinese that the Chinese think belongs to them.

    The US under Trump was a formidable opponent, not to be taken lightly. Under Biden all that has changed, very fast. The US has become pro- China and all sorts of subversive pro-China policies have been put in place

  16. the gateway pundit – “It’s Horrifying” – Fauci Triggered by CPAC Crowd Cheering on Americans Who Don’t Want Experimental Covid Vaccine (VIDEO)

    Dr. Fauci on Sunday appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” and told host Jake Tapper he just doesn’t get why conservatives at CPAC cheered Americans who don’t want the Covid vaccine.

    CPAC attendees on Saturday applauded and cheered a comment on low vaccination rates.

    twitter @AndrewSolender

    CPAC crowd applauds a comment about the U.S. failing to reach a 90% vaccination rate

    “It’s horrifying…I just don’t get that. I mean, and I don’t think that anybody who is thinking clearly can get that,” Fauci told Tapper.

    “We’ve got to put aside this ideological difference or differences thinking that somebody is forcing you to do something. The public health officials, like myself and my colleagues, are asking you to do something that will ultimately save your life and that of your family, and that of the community,” Fauci whined. “I don’t know. I really don’t have a good explanation, Jake, about why this is happening. I mean, it’s ideological rigidity, I think. There’s no reason not to get vaccinated.”

    twitter @justinbaragona

    Jake Tapper asks Dr. Anthony Fauci to react to the CPAC Texas crowd cheering that the government has been unable to reach its vaccine goals so far.

    Fauci: “It’s horrifying… I just don’t get that. I mean, and I don’t think that anybody who is thinking clearly can get that.”


    CNN – Fauci: Vaccine booster isn’t needed now, but that could change

    ( 11 min )

  17. South Africa faces rioting over jailing of ex-leader Zuma

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Violent rioting has erupted in two South African provinces against the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, with supporters blocking roads and looting shops. At least 62 people were arrested, South Africa police said Sunday.

    Zuma started serving a 15-month sentence for contempt of court last week. Zuma has been imprisoned for defying a court order to testify before a state-backed inquiry probing allegations of corruption during his term as president from 2009 to 2018.


  18. b>CUBA – HAVANA – JULY 11 2021

    Twitter @AlexandreKrausz

    Never seen images from Havana. Thousands are mobilising across Cuba demanding the end of the communist dictatorship while screaming “we are not afraid…we are not afraid.”




  19. DENVER – 4 arrested, rifles seized from Maven Hotel rooms ahead of MLB All-Star weekend in Denver

    Authorities arrested four people after police seized dozens of rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from hotel rooms adjacent to the baseball stadium hosting Major League Baseball All-Star events this weekend, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

    The preliminary assessment of law enforcement is that the stash of guns appears to be connected to a possible illegal transaction involving drugs and guns, according to an internal law enforcement memo obtained by ABC News.

    Sources said three males and a female, all in their 40s, were arrested at Maven Hotel in downtown Denver, which is located just a block from Coors Field, at 7:30 p.m. local time Friday.

    Authorities said the suspects brought multiple rifles, ammunition, body armor and illegal drugs to rooms on the 4th and 8th floors of the hotel.

  20. CBC – What it would take to make an ETHICAL covid-19 vaccine passport

    ( 11 min )

    CBC spoke to two bioethicists to discuss the privacy and ethical concerns surrounding vaccine passports.

    + comments on the YT page


    The Freaking Weather Network, no less…

    Lord, I’m getting tired of this non-stop onslaught of lies and propaganda coming at me from so many different sources at once, and all I did was look up today’s weather, where they’re saying that the recent BC heat wave is absolute proof of cataclysmic man-created climate change.

    I distinctly remember a late June heat wave about twenty years ago that was up in the 30s and lasting for a few days, and they’re brazenly declaring that this is the first June heat wave we’ve ever had. And they’re just screaming about climate change and showing pictures of mothers with frightened children running from the smoke and flames. It’s hysterical…

    Then they point out that the Earth has warmed a degree or so since 1800 without bothering to mention that there was a thing called “The little ice age” happening then and it’s perfectly normal for the Earth to be a little warmer today. We’re also coming out of an ice age, or haven’t they heard. I’m so sick of it. The collective force of all the left-wing NGOs and superPacs is overwhelming us as thousands of minions pile on with this BS narrative about climate change and systemic racism and the dangers of Qanon and the rest. Who are these lying people and what do they want?

    The bottom line is that if we happened to have the hottest August in recorded history coming up that would be about as unusual as the Sun coming up in the west or the Sahara Desert being sandy… But they would insist that it was proof that they are right, right, right. Well they’re wrong, wrong, wrong, and all you have to do to find that out is to simply research the Vostok ice-core samples on the internet. It’s just that easy…

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