Panel of doctors discuss how to deal with long-haul Covid and all variants

This video is 82 minutes on Covid, Ivermectin and so on. It is a panel of doctors and it may or may not be of use to you.

Thank you EB. If you would care to leave a description in the comments here, that would be of great use to all of us I’s sure.



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5 Replies to “Panel of doctors discuss how to deal with long-haul Covid and all variants”

  1. I thought “long-haul Covid” was mainly just another lie, just like the short one. I guess the bottom line is that it is blown out of proportion, even if it may exist.

    • As I understand it from speaking with Dr. Andrew Bostom and a friend who works at the Covid unit at an area hospital, some Flu patients also take up to 6 months to recover from some aspects of the Flu, especially respiratory issues. Covid is the same, if it isn’t actually the flu, and there are people who have had long term disability from it, although long term means months so far.

      • That matches my experience; I had some sort of URI – Upper Respiratory Infection – in the fall of 2000; mild, but very unusual symptoms hung on for at least several weeks – mild fatigue, most unusual (for me) mild depression, anhedonia – both just enough to be noticeable … couldn’t quite tell when it “went away” – but it did.

        For the most part, only very old and/or otherwise (very) sick people “get” “Covid” – is it any wonder recovery is lengthy? Is it any wonder, there can be associated dementia-like outcomes?

        As far as the fearsome “Delta” variant – aren’t “they” pretty much saying it’s only a cold? “runny nose, sore throat, low grade fever…” ! ?

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