“Don’t ask questions, just obey” -German Disease Control head: Links 1, June 30, 2021

1. Hellequin GB checked the translation on these subtitles and found them to be spot on. This is Orwell/Nazi/Stalin/Mao pick your poison

2. Now Covid app causes chaos at pubs and restaurants: Wetherspoon, Hawksmoor and other venues are hit by staff absences with some forced to CLOSE as workers are pinged by test and trace app – as bosses call for ‘test and release’ scheme

Pubs and restaurants already hit by severe labour shortages are being forced to close due to the NHS Covid app repeatedly telling staff to self-isolate – which they must do so for up to ten days even if they test negative for Covid.

Hospitality bosses are calling for a ‘test and release’ scheme to relieve the crisis, which last week saw 46 members of staff at one Wetherspoons in Weston-super-Mare forced to stay at home after coming into contact with positive cases.

Small businesses are particularly struggling, with one restaurant in Liverpool revealing it lost a quarter of its workforce over the weekend on top of an existing labour shortage caused by Brexit and employees quitting over lockdown.

The nature of the NHS Covid app – which tells people to self-isolate if they have come within a certain distance of someone who later tests positive – means hospitality staff walking around busy venues are particularly likely to receive notifications.

(It’s almost like this was never about a disease at all, innit?)

3. Holidays to Malta in chaos as island officials REFUSE to accept NHS app as proof of both jabs and insist on seeing printed government letter ‘that takes five days to arrive’ at airport instead

British holidaymakers with trips booked to Malta have seen their plans thrown into chaos after the country announced it is not accepting the NHS app as proof of vaccination.

From Wednesday, travellers from the UK aged 12 and above are only permitted to enter Malta if they have had both doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

But authorities in the central Mediterranean archipelago revealed on Monday that they will only accept printed letters sent by the NHS as proof.

That means tourists planning to use the NHS app to demonstrate their status face being turned away at UK airports or the border in Malta, even if they are fully vaccinated.

To request an NHS vaccine letter, you have to fill out a form online, which you can only do two weeks after your second jab.  

The UK Government’s website states that letters then take ‘up to five working days’ to be delivered. 

(Jeez I guess, well maybe people should have resisted the whole concept when they had the chance. Is Sanctimony listed in the Bible as a sin? It should be.)

4. Why use science to make decisions when you can pay propagandists?

5. Is it a lab leak? Or a bioweapon?

(Here’s another theory. It is a component of a bioweapon intended to be used with a ‘vaccine’ for it. At least given what happened to the animals who got the test shot and then were exposed to the wild virus.)

Thank you M., Sassy, Pym Purnell, Hellequin GB.,

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  1. I’m amazed that YouTube hasn’t deleted this already.
    It might have slipped through their Radar, but I doubt it will be long until they catch on.
    That was Brilliant.

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