Who ya gonna believe, me? Or your own damn lying eyes: Links 2, June 29, 2021

1. Israel Has Seen Just One Death From COVID-19 in Past Two Weeks Despite Rise in Cases

(At this point no one should accept any case numbers without proof of the method with which those cases are determined. Unless its a proper differential, and the patient was sick, it ain’t no ‘case’. Therefore the conclusion may not be as described. Israel may have hit herd immunity, which we might expect by now with no vaccines)

i24 News – Israel’s vaccination program appears to be working in preventing hospitalizations and deaths during the latest outbreak of COVID-19 that saw a rise in daily cases due to the highly contagious Delta variant being brought into the country.

During the past two weeks, there has been just one COVID-19 death in Israel and the number of serious illnesses stands at just 22 nationwide.

The number of new confirmed cases topped 100 on June 21, staying above the century mark for consecutive days for the first time since April and prompting the government to reimpose the indoor mask mandate that was lifted on June 15 along with other new restrictions.

2. ALL the statues the Biden admin wants removed from Washington, are of Democrats.

3. Seems to be a kind of theme year, doesn’t it?

4. Israeli psychiatrist explains those who surrendered to the medical tyranny are not our enemies but victims, even if there is hostility between us. The enemy, is the politicians and agencies that are trying to force us to make medical choices we do not want to make. And most of the people I know who submitted to these injections did not want to take it.

5. Biden admin does not deny the NSA has been tasked to hurt Tucker Carlson

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