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4 Replies to “NSW: State thugs in matching pants suits”

  1. Absolutely disturbing, they not that tough with this illegal parasites, where they coming from all over 3th. World!!, this parasites probably stabbed this filthy idiot with knife, and the game will be over ..

  2. Looks like the double standard of law enforcement has hit NSW. I have a lot of time for the premier but she is at the mercy of her “expert” advisors and we all know their politics being public service “fat cats”.
    Unfortunately, despite the rumblings and the grumbling, like all western countries Oz has been lulled into lazy inaction as too many are used to having their security and safety looked after by others whom they used to once trust, and being de-weaponized (except for criminals and jihadists) have very little chance of doing anything about it. Most people still with firearms are not survivalists but target shooters and the odd hunter and both groups are highly unlikely to do anything about this repression and the elite know it. The west has been spoilt for just long enough for them to place their boots on our necks and to know that they can get away with it.

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