Tucker Carlson takes ‘Critical Race Theory’ head on

The one thing that Tucker doesn’t touch on, and no one else seems to either, is that “Critical Race Theory” is a subset of Marxist Critical Theory and in fact was designed as a tool of dialectic destruction of the target society. Somehow, that seems to escape everyone. Critical theory was never meant to be ‘true’. It was meant to be effective as a tactic. This show was broadcast June 24, 2021.

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  1. When I was a kid we had a set of encyclopedias called “The Book of Knowledge” published in 1914. One day I was looking through the book when I came upon a fabulous piece of “scientific racism” which stated that negroes were not actually human and therefore shouldn’t be regarded as such. Complete with diagrams of sloping foreheads, big-foreheaded white men, a chimp, and a dog, the blacks came in just before the chimp but still nowhere near the great white man. This was 1914, folks, and the science was just as “settled” as the science around climate change is today. It was the “established truth”…

    But think about it. Picture Oprah Winfrey or Denzel Washington or Ben Carson or Whoopie. Do they have backward-sloping foreheads with no room for a cerebral cortex? Do Somalians have little mingy little sloping foreheads? Actually, when you think of it, Albert Einstein had a bit of a sloping forehead, didn’t he…? Black people on the whole actually have bigger foreheads than most people and yet the racist idiots stated it as truth that they had heads like dogs and just couldn’t measure up no matter what – based on ridiculous nonsense totally-wrong “proof”.

    The thing is that in order to call themselves good righteous Christians the white men of the day had to pretend that blacks were just big monkeys in order not to violate the terms of Christ’s Golden Rule too violently, as they had been doing for hundreds of years. Jesus didn’t say, “Do unto monkeys as you would have them do unto you, did he…? Nothing to be proud of and definitely a type of mistake not worth making, again and again, the way we are with so many things today like climate change and rape culture and systemic racism and white privilege and critical race theory…

  2. As for “Critical Theory”, it is just about the evilest political tactic I have ever seen because it promotes the erosion of morale and the likelihood of anger, rebellion, and violence. Critical Theory is like a Meghan Markle entering your family and then spreading enough nasty little lies around to cause everybody to start hating each other for the purpose of destroying the family from within. I could see getting ten years hard time for spreading critical theory…

    Like, I walk up to a tough-looking guy and say, “You don’t look gay to me, man…”, and he says, “What the fuck?”. Then you say, “That other tough guy over there said you were gay, but I didn’t believe him…”. Then you go over to the other tough guy and say the first tough guy called you a “chicken” and soon everybody is throwing punches and you have succeeded in your evil little plans… That’s “critical theory”, plain and simple…

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