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9 Replies to “Interview with pathologist, Dr. Roger Hodkinson”

  1. Wonder how the people who worked with him over the years feel ? A man who has contributed so much to humanity is left on his own to speak the truth . Shame on you physicians ! Shame on you ! You should be cheering him on a supporting him ! Shame on you !

  2. “Ok,” began the professor of sociology. He wrote on the chalk board. “You simply take the “M” and put it last. We can then move the “R” to the beginning.” The students stared blankly. They didn’t get it yet. “The “E” will follow second, and then the “D”. Next place the other “R”, followed by the “U”.”

    Slowly the students’ faces began to register. “I get it!” blurted Mary Blair in the front row.

    “Excellent,” said the professor. “You see, word play enables our Sovietization. Our Sovietization enables the politicization of everything. We will deconstruct society under this method and build back better our fair and equal utopia.”

    “No matter how many we murder?” asked Hlakowicz in the third row.

    “Precisely, ” replied the professor. “Remember class, a single death is tragic. A billion is a statistic.”

    Too big to believe. But believe we must.

    Dr. Hodkinson has great integrity, the rarest element in our current universe. Thanks Vlad.

  3. Greta interview with Dr. H! “COVID-19 does not cure cancer!”

    The problem goes back to money….too much money in current and future vaccines. “They” (and there are many players in they) must work to implement the business model of constant viruses. Leaders who support the agenda will be paid handsomely from the money printing and pharma kickbacks.

  4. Yesterday, while I was looking at flowers, at an outside market, I had a masked man come up to me and say he noticed I was the only person who did not wear a mask. He then explained to me how he did not get the seasonal flu this year because everyone was wearing a mask. I said I thought some people may have died from seasonal flu and the establishment blamed the deaths on COVID.

    He found me rather silly, but somewhat amusing and thought we should go somewhere and have a coffee. I told him I have been somewhat isolated for a while, talking to my dog, the deer and the chipmunks, and not yet desperate enough to spend time with someone who obviously had a lack of oxygen to the brain. Me mean person now. I should embroider on a T-shirt “Do not talk to me”

    • I just spoke with a couple in their mid-70’s who will be getting their 2nd jab in ten minutes from now. Appointment is set for 16h00. I hope they don’t develop issues.

    • It’s not mean it’s frustration . I understand . I don’t want to talk to people who are brainwashed cause after my frustration leaves my heart breaks . The hardest is when people excuse child deaths by vaccine . “ it wasn’t the vaccine “ or it was for “humanity” and I can’t see their humanity and it leaves me feeling sorry for them . Like they are so complicit they will let anyone do anything to them no questions asked 🙁

  5. I agree with every single word period and comma that this guy utters

    High IQ and a critical thinker…he can cut through the bs propaganda opinions based on emotions and extreme fear mongering
    And adherence to political agendas that imply control of masses.

    I will never get this shot and I will eventually travel internationally
    Without ever getting these fake tests ever or having this shot.

    Even if I have to pay hackers to get needed documents

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