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7 Replies to “Derek Sloan gives statement in Parliament after his presser with three doctors over government censuring of real science”

  1. MP Derek Sloan@DerekSloanCPC
    Facebook censored my Parliamentary Press Conference on the censorship of scientific and medical information. That’s pretty ironic. Facebook doesn’t like the truth.

  2. The picture of the full moon should be permanently shown over the article on Derek Sloan – they somehow go together, sadly.

  3. Censorship of scentists and frontline doctors who are not ensared by the WHO and US health authorities deserve our support and are to be commended for their bravery in trying to bring the truth to the Canadian people. It is reprehensible, if not treasonous, how our governments and public health officials have gone to great lengths to gag them.

    That Derek Sloan has taken up this issue in Parlaiment will give him a great amount of moral authority and influence with Canadians of all stripes when the enormity of what this ill-conceived and thoughtlessly implemented vaccine programme is brought to light.

    take care
    Robert W. McCoy

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