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4 Replies to “Eric Clapton interview: “A world where you are not allowed the story of your own experience””

  1. This is not an Eric Clapton interview. This is Monotti holding a monologue, with Clapton as a prop. Clearly he does have good things to say, but is too in love with listening to himself go on and on. AndI wanted to hear Clapton.

  2. Eric (God, I love this man and his guitar) says we need to start opening up and travelling again – but that does not accord with the master plan and so will not be happening – for a number of “reasons” (a new bad strain arising, climate change worsened by mass air travel, etc).

    The planned “great reset” is a fact and it seems most governments have been convinced (by those they in turn fear to offend) to go along with it. “Build Back Better” is the slogan, and translated means a return to a quasi-feudal system where the peasants will have very little to live on and no political say, and the ruling elite will have more room on the ski-fields and luxury resorts.

    So any return of the pre-Covid world will be opposed and undermined at every point. And the only possible way this planned NWO can be defeated is if enough of us stand up and say NO!

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