CDC punts a critical decision down the road: Links 1, June 12, 2021

1. New old Peter Daszak video explaining how they made SARS Cov 2 (Our colleagues in China did the work of the gain of function)

2. In yesterday’s interview of Dr. Peter McCullough, he mentioned that the CDC was having an emergency meeting to decide what to do about the very large number of young people experiencing serious heart inflammation as a result of the various Covid related injections. The CDC decided to punt and decide at some future emergency meeting down the road. Below is Dr. Bostom on the Matt Allen show discussing this meeting. One wonders now if the Cs in CDC stands for Canadian.

3. Canada has arrested the leader of a Federal political party, the PPC, before he could speak at an event demanding freedom be restored to Canadians and ultra-vires actions removing our freedoms be ended. The leader is Maxime Bernier. The last libertarian politician in Canada from all appearances.

Ezra asks the humorous yet strangely not, question…

Its a great idea. Perhaps we should write government officials and media in that Central American country and suggest they write up the Bernier arrest.

4. Man in Germany with no TV or radio, jailed for not watching public TV or paying for it.

5. The following headline combines Marxism and Islamic violent revolutionary demands quite impressively.

Dem Tells High School Grads They’re Entering A World Of “Capitalism” and “White Supremacy,” Encourages Them To Remember “Jihad” And Reject Objectivity

A school board member gave a graduation speech in which she told a mainly-immigrant class of high schoolers that they were entering a world filled with “racism, extreme versions of individualism and capitalism, [and] white supremacy,” and encouraged them to remember their “jihad” and reject the concepts of objectivity and neutrality.

Fairfax County school board member Abrar Omeish gave the keynote address at the commencement for Justice High School in Falls Church, Virginia on June 7.

Thank you Miss Piggy, M., Kalloi, Hellequin GB., Johnny U., Richard, Gates of Vienna, ET., MarcusZ1967, and all who sent in links and materials for our better understandings.


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4 Replies to “CDC punts a critical decision down the road: Links 1, June 12, 2021”

  1. ‘Canada has arrested the leader of a Federal political party…’
    Oh. Swell.
    Now, y’all have to be patient with me; being an ol’ rednek, I’m not sure what the etiquette is in totalitarian police states.
    Do we address his Trudeauness as ‘Dear Leader’, or ‘El Supremo’?
    Is there a party-approved standard genuflection? Straight-arm party wave? Or is abject grovelling adequate?
    Will there be jumper-cables on nipples soon? Should I shave off any body hair to facilitate the RCMP torturers task?
    Will native-canadians be eligible for refugee status in the US, and the protection of the UNHCR?
    Can I demand to be shot out of hand instead of starved to death?
    The government really should publish a pamphlet so the zeks’ll know what to do.
    I really thought I had plumbed the depths of disgust with the population of this incipient crater. I see it is still rather a long way to the bottom of that reservoir.

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