Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner, on the effects of the mRNA injections on many: Links 2, June 8, 2021

1. ACT For Canada news letter. A lot of meat in this downloadable PDF. Canada is clearly operating on a well thought out plan as each thing it deals with was illegal under constitutional law, for example the Corporate practice of medicine, and now is mandatory under the new communist/fascist fiat law that is actually in effect.

2. Frankfurt School acolyte, Barrack Obama, who set in place all the institutions which make freedom of speech illegal in the US, claims that the only nations preserving their people, culture and religion in Europe are authoritarian.

Of course he says NOTHING about the 50+ countries that are Islamic and have the fact that Islam is the religion and law in those countries, and who are ruled by kings and other forms of oligarchs. The ones who really are authoritarian. The ones who kill you if you openly say you do not believe in Allah and the last days. Those are freaking fine. But Poland and Hungary? they gotta go.

3. Determining heroes from villains is getting harder and harder.

4. Nobel Prize Winner in medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier

5. Manitoba takes away everyone’s basic rights and freedoms, but offers you some of them back if you get the experimental mRNA Covid injections by way of a special identity card.

“With that card you will be able to visit family and friends in care homes…”.

The Manitoba Premiere also says, with a nearly straight face, that your new partial freedom card is secure. Yeah.

Thank you Pauline, M., KAF., EB. Richard, Yucki, Marianne W., Coram Deo, PC., Kalloi, ET. and all with the courage of their convictions.

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  1. When the West embraced mental illnesses as normal, and healthy people as sick, (a Communist primer of dissonance called Zersetzung https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9665947/Stasis-despicable-torture.html )
    such reactions like AntiFather, Black Loathsomeness Matters, Love Goes Beyond Traditional Quests, Everyone Vaccinate are used as virtues to silence rational people.

    This pride of creating an enemy, to avoid the truth about unlove.

    Psychologically and emotionally damaged people promoted by Diversity, become dysfunctional leaders. Lies become truth. Truth become lies. Peaceful protests recorded as violent, and violent protests recorded as peaceful.

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