What do Sweden and UK health ministries have in common? Links 3, June 8, 2021

1. Victorians are starting to smell a rat

2. This NHS worker is one of the many medical professionals to come out against insane government policies during this last 16 or so months of totalitarian rule claiming to be due to Covid19.

From Facebook: “All of our residents have been put on DNR orders!”  All regular medication has been withheld.  None of them have covid.  They are being murdered.

Anyone who doubts this probably didn’t see our videos with a Swedish doctor and nurse in April 2020 who said Sweden was doing EXACTLY the same thing as a matter of national policy.

3. It isn’t just that HCQ works well. Its that all the people who banned it KNEW it worked well and made it impossible to get, yet pushed an experimental injection which fit the reasons for banning HCQ about 1000X more accurately. There is simply no word for the level of crime those who we trusted to manage our societies committed against all of us.

4. The following clip is from 18 years ago, calling for Fauci to resign for his ineptitude as head of the NIH

5. LA Teacher’s Union to vote to endorse anti-Israel BDS Movement

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3 Replies to “What do Sweden and UK health ministries have in common? Links 3, June 8, 2021”

  1. The header should have perhaps read; ‘What do Sweden and UK health ministries have in common with Aktion T4?’
    Despite the official rehabilitation of National Socialism; as evinced all the happy-joy-joy Arbiet Macht Frei our ruling claques are dispensing…often at gun point, many folks are surprised and dismayed with necessities such as ” Aktion T4, a campaign of mass murder by involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany”.
    Come come, people! Mark Carney says the Brave New Because Climate Socialist Future is going to hurt. A lot. But, it’s for China’s own good. Because Climate and sheeit.
    So get used to it. Your un-elected meta-national corporate-government klepto-marxists says This Is How It Is Going To Be.
    Cope, serfs.

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