Victoria Australia has truly gone Chinese-Totalitarian: Links 1, June 6, 2021

1. Quebecers seem to be the only people in Canada who both understand the threat we face from communism, and are willing to show up in numbers to oppose it. Why?

2. Article from Nature, May 2013 on Chinese creation of various flu viruses. Why has this not been widely looked at? Its clearly what the future holds.

As the world is transfixed by a new H7N9 bird flu virus spreading through China, a study reminds us that a different avian influenza — H5N1 — still poses a pandemic threat.

A team of scientists in China has created hybrid viruses by mixing genes from H5N1 and the H1N1 strain behind the 2009 swine flu pandemic, and showed that some of the hybrids can spread through the air between guinea pigs. The results are published in Science1.

Flu hybrids can arise naturally when two viral strains infect the same cell and exchange genes. This process, known as reassortment, produced the strains responsible for at least three past flu pandemics, including the one in 2009.

There is no evidence that H5N1 and H1N1 have reassorted naturally yet, but they have many opportunities to do so. The viruses overlap both in their geographical range and in the species they infect, and although H5N1 tends mostly to swap genes in its own lineage, the pandemic H1N1 strain seems to be particularly prone to reassortment.

“If these mammalian-transmissible H5N1 viruses are generated in nature, a pandemic will be highly likely,” says Hualan Chen, a virologist at the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who led the study.

3. Australian Police in Victoria take their job as authoritarian thugs fairly seriously. Notice how they try and block the camera while they intimidate a journalist.

The protest

(I can’t even watch that whole video as it makes me too angry)

Also Australia: Police ARREST father in front of ‘scared’ crying child for eating in car more than a few miles from the registered address of his car.

“Police in Australia have crossed a very dangerous and scary line” (Precrime) VERY important video below, and is rich in content right to the end. I, for example, did not know that MS’s search engine, BING, wiped references to Chinese Tank man from history. Bill Gates, whatever else he is, appears to have taken on the job of Winston Smith. But for the Chinese.

Anyone still think this is about a disease?

Note: The reason this does not appear to be happening in Ontario, is the police forces themselves have decided not to go this route. It is not the politicians who stopped it, it is the police. At least this is my belief from the interactions I have had with police and the various related postings on Twitter etc. If this is the case, respect to the various police forces in Ontario. Yes, there have been cases in Toronto and other cities, but nothing compared to Victoria Oz.

4.  Andy Ngo attacked by ANTIFA on Friday in Portland.

5. Anti-vaxxer pundit Beverley Turner is ‘blocked from ITV’s This Morning’ after on-screen row with presenter Dermot O’Leary over the coronavirus vaccine

ITV has blocked pundit Beverley Turner from appearing on This Morning following an on-screen row over the coronavirus vaccine.

A discussion about the jab’s effectiveness became a heated row after Ms Turner said young people should reject having the vaccine.

It is understood that staff on the show have been told not to book Ms Turner, 47, as a news reviewer amid fears her Covid-19 views are too controversial. A source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Production staff were told Bev is banned from the show after the comments she made… they couldn’t have her on again.’

The clip is below:

The headline calls her an “Anti-vaxxer”. If that is OK, I hereby call anyone who is against giving Thalidomide to pregnant woman, anti-medicine, anti-medication and ant-pharamaceuitical.

Thank you M., Oz-Rita, ET., EB., Sassy, Richard, Valerie P., Brian and MANY more who are engaged in these and other important issues that are negating our entire existence one item at a a time.

Sad that Jordan Peterson has lost the truth in an attempt to appear to, or in fact be in, the ‘middle’.

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  1. This article on J. Peterson is very well-stated and author has makes interesting reference to one of JP’s “rules” as well as the Canadian situation. Someone (?) should put a comment on his twitter account and attach this article. I think JP might read it.

  2. Item 3. Australian police …

    There are three reasons the police backed off …
    1. Reporter with video camera
    2. Crying child
    3. Probably the primary reason : The guy looks to be M?ori. Bad PR hassling a M?ori.

  3. Jordan Peterson has crumbled on the multiple attacks on his character, position finances etc. In an attempt to be fair, something to which he has always clung he finds himself being pulled apart as the extremes move further away from each other and in many ways he is symbolic of the sensitive intelligent neutral trying to maintain such a stance now which is clearly becoming impossible. We all realize that the chances of blood not being shed are lessening every day here as the extremes diverge further and he knows this. I admire him and yet I pity him for what it has done to him. Perhaps a little anger might help him but I think he would see that as wrong. All IMVHO

    • Around 2003 I downloaded a Soviet-themed set of file and folder icons for my Mac. Exceptional quality, better than icons created today with more advanced technology.

      My Russki happened to look over my shoulder one day. I said, Aren’t these great?!

      He looked at me, then just walked away.
      I got rid of the collection.

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