Government, enforcement, propaganda all targeting the individual and rights: Links 2, June 6, 2021

1. CBC article detailing one ambitious lawsuit against much of the government for declaring a pandemic and taking away all our rights with no actual supporting evidence to do so.

(as much as I admire the lawyer in this article who is doing the obviously necessary, there is one law suit that isn’t taking place. The one against CBC for always pushing a narrative against the Canadian people on every issue from mass immigration, Islam as a philosophy and doctrine, alleged global warming, and Covid19. Never once do they get on an expert from the other side of the issue. If they do get a spokesman for the counter-narrative it is to destroy them and they usually find a weak person for the role.

CBC is nothing but enemy propaganda. I personally have been at many events and then watched the reportage of it by CBC which is always a grotesque lie about every aspect of the event from the numbers present to the actual reasons they are there. I have witnessed CBC reporters grilling media-naive protestors in order to put them in positions of appearing to be racist bumpkins and apologize for racism when that had nothing whatsoever to do with the protest, and they never got to say what their grievances are. CBC lies about the motives of protests that run counter to the CBC-far left agenda, and lie about the number of attendees. When cornered, the reporters apologize for not doing the reporting in the way “we liked” in that Hegelian, ‘there are no objective truths’ manner.

The phoney study that was retracted by both The Lancet and The NEJM. The Canadian government still cites these studies on its Covid pages, as reported here this past couple of days. Has the CBC done anything new on HCQ or Ivermectin which are now fully known to be of tremendous benefit? or are they preserving the narrative that the only way out is tyranny and untested new mRNA technology.

They are not reporters of events. They are manufacturers of events. And they are as responsible for the tyranny and loss of rights in Canada as any tinpot authoritarian dictator in history. They are why you cannot have a reasonable fact based conversation with someone about for example, treatment of Covid19 or the need or lack of need for lockdowns or masks because they have created a religion out of obedience to their narrative, and you know they know its a lie for all the times CBC staff have been caught thinking they were off camera with no masks or PPE. SOMEONE has to get it together and really sue the crap out of CBC till they lose their CRTC right to exist.)

2. Police in Montreal pepper spray women and children. No idea what the protest is about.

The Montreal Gazzette reportage

3. Biden defends Fauci

4. Ex UK PM. Tony Blair. Remember, this is a Fabian Labour guy

5. CBC pushes the “everyone in the world has to get vaccinated NOW or we ALL DIE narrative. Anyone know who this guy is? Has he ever treated a Covid patient? What are his qualifications? Notice how they set this guy up to counter medical facts about children and vaccinations. He doesn’t bite interestingly. Some of this interview is in a foreign language. “Trudeau is concerned about equity of vaccine passports?” What?

Thank you M., Sassy, Richard, EB., Chris Jones, Rich, Pauline, and MANY more who are contributing in every way they can.


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  1. #3 Dr. Fauci is not the head (“Director”) of the NIH. He is the head of one of the Institutes at the NIH. Let me re-post what I read. The Director reports to the US President. The institute head reports to no one–as far as I can tell. This needs to change.

    largest dedicated research hospital in the world.

    fiscal year (FY) 2018, NIH had total budget authority of $37.3 billion, about one-tenth of which supports its own intramural research laboratories, most of which are in Bethesda.
    6,000 scientists who work at NIH

    The 27 institutes and centers (ICs) that comprise NIH

    To expand the knowledge base in medical and associated sciences in order to enhance the nation’s economic well-being and ensure a continued high return on the public investment in research; and
    To exemplify and promote the highest level of scientific integrity, public accountability, and social responsibility in the conduct of science

    While there is an NIH Director who is presidentially appointed and Senate confirmed, he or she oversees a confederation of variably independently operated ICs rather than exercises central control. Perhaps, the most compelling example is the NCI, whose Director is a presidential appointee. This stature gives the NCI virtually total control over its operations and planning. While the institute directors have a weekly hour-and-a-half meeting with the Director

  3. Blair is another unindicted criminal (Libya, Serbia etc.) now lauded as a respectable former PM and sage and another example of how criminals if on the right side(or is it the Left side) can do whatever they please and escape notice let alone sanction. This is the world as seen by Karl. But I bet even he would be choking on much of it.
    Imagine if Mao, Hitler and Stalin were still alive and how they would be lauded by the zombie masses.
    I personally boggle at what I see and hear about this world.

    BTW(Thank you to whoever it was ) For informing me about Boris’s father and his eugenics ambitions which explains totally the absolute failure of PM Johnson to take any steps to stop the rot,( both muslim and woke) in the UK. Superficially he was better than Corbyn but in fact , being a marked globalist, he may be even worse(if possible)

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