A few insightful videos from Chris Langan

I am told this man has an IQ of 200, and is the smartest man in the USA.

Either way, this material is interesting, easily comprehensible, and insightful and of value on its own merit, whatever the claim to authority of the maker. Thank you Kalloi for sending them in.

1. Was the lockdown overkill? What kind of personality imposed these measures on us?

2. The Parasitic divergence. Two items here I think. One basic, the idea that power is a drug and how that plays into today’s Covid politics, and “Parasitic Divergence”. The idea that the ruling or political class is evolving away genetically from the rest of us. This creates a real problem.

3. Globalism Vs. Self determination. Somewhat deals with the consequences of fiat currency.

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  1. Nice to hear it all in a nutshell. But if you follow this site and few others everything he says is not new and to not a few of us, it is self evident. He misses one minor point. China has followed islam (if it ever left)and returned to slavery in a large way(BRI use virtual slavery often
    The elite suddenly sat up and noticed this as the financial windfall by so doing hit China and they want similar. The eventual aim of the elite is not just the 80% reduction in humans BUT the enslavement of all those left who are non elite.

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