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12 Replies to “Memorial for a brother who passed from the vaccine: Sanity for Sweden”

  1. Richard, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. My heart hurts for you, dear man. My older brother told me his wife made an appointment for them to get the shot, I begged him not to. Stay well my friend.

  2. So sad , unfortunately this is happening all over , people dropping dead like fly’s, in Germany they pushing so hard , now they attacking the kids and teenagers, how be so naive to believe in this so called governments !!, depopulation at work in the speedy way , this spike proteins in this “vaccine “ attacking and breaking your blood vessels causing strokes , blood clots elsewhere and your brain, in most female cases ( they did shots to group of young women) lots of them in ovaries which cost heavy infertility and probably cancer , it’s a crime against humanity, big time .,

    • Today, I spoke with a stranger, a homeless guy in his early twenties. He wants to work but is homeless. He showed me his c.v. Such a terrible situation for young people who are homeless and want to get out of it.

      He doesn’t understand what happened to him. I met him in the drugstore parking lot. He was walking with a cane. His entire leg was swollen red. It appeared suddenly, he said. He thinks it’s phlebitis but doesn’t have a family doctor since he’s homeless. The guy was very clear-eyed and clear-headed, no drugs.

      So, I gave him my phone number. He’s supposed to call around 7h p.m. I need help around my home, stuff only a guy can do.

      I hope he calls me. I have questions for him.

      • Sassy, please, rethink that. It has happened on many occasions, the “nice guy” hired hand ends up doing the unthinkable. Yes, it’s a sad statement on our world, but many people have ended up raped or dead, and it’s because they had compassion and brought someone into their home they shouldn’t have. Don’t do it.

  3. Terribly sad. I wonder if, in the back of his mind, he had a fleeting thought linking his problems to the jab but kept quiet about it?

    In the end, it’s not our possessions that we worry about, it’s our closest connections. In this case, and I fully understand, it is his dog.

    He left in peace. And that is a comfort for his brother.

    Note: If Richard is his brother, I bow my head in sympathy.

  4. Please accept my condolences dear. I am heartily sorry for your loss, and the loss to your family. It is probably small comfort that so many are experiencing this inexplicable rush to put these jabs into the arms of people, most of whom did not hear anything negative at all because the media will not allow it. Demonic.
    I understand, because I lost my beloved sister a few years ago to cancer. It is a wrenching experience, because siblings are our partners in life and for life. They know us and they know our childhood, parents, and history like no one else. It broke my heart to lose her.
    All I can say is, God and time are your friends. With those, you will be able to go on, they will both help you. Rely on God, and realize you will find a way to go on, it is much easier if you have faith and you feel confident you will see him again. Pray for his soul! This is something you can do every day that can help him! Never stop.
    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Through the mercy of God, may he rest in peace, amen.

  5. I had to come back. It occurs to me that now that your brother is gone, you will become a much more important figure to his children and grand-children. When they look at you, they will now see him, or as close to him as they will get on this side of the grass. You can be a help and a comfort, and even guide the little ones in life. Don’t be surprised if the not so little ones need you as well. There is nothing as wonderful as a loving aunt or uncle, and children and young people need all the help they can get, in this world.
    You can be that to them, and they will bless you for it.

  6. I spoke yesterday with Stefan and he’s not in a good state.
    In some ways he blames himself for not being more persistent with Robert, but I doub tit would have made a difference at all.
    I know that he tried hard to give Robert all the Informations not to go for the shot, especially after we talked in February after my Cousin died from the Astra Zeneca and one of my oldest friends a couple of weeks back and my mom being in Hospital for almost 6 weeks after the first Pfizer (and she took now the seccond).
    I don’t know what it is with so many people, that are going willfully Blind through Life.
    We can’t help those that don’t want to be helped, even if it will cost their Lives.

    • I don’t know what it is either. For older people I get it, they have always been able to trust government, at least, in the US, now they can’t, but they don’t know it. I think for a lot of people, the idea that you can’t trust government, that government could hurt you, is so anxiety producing they can’t handle it. Easier to call you a conspiracy theorist than to deal with the reality. That’s normalcy bias, when you can’t fathom things could be as you’ve never seen them.
      We can’t control others, even our loved ones. If we could, my precious child wouldn’t have gotten the jab. It’s up to them. But God bless them all. We should pray for them and for ourselves.

      • Sassy I know of three cases where a nice person hired to homeless guy to do handyman jobs. Each time the nice person was repaid by the homeless guy murdering or raping.

      • Evangeline I see it almost exactly that way myself. And it is causing so much horror in the culture. Because people would rather abandon their own families than tolerate the idea that government is not trustworthy at the level it is.

        In a small wink wink way, everyone does of course. But people rationalize it so that when government lies its to solve a problem they have in order to do the right thing for the country/public.

        The degree of psychopathic horror that is the truth is way too much for people. Even me frankly. But doing this and being hammered with evidence of reality all day every day removes the choice of living in a nicer fantasy. More importantly, the disparity between reality and the world presented to us by media is now so large that the consequences of failure to deal with reality are more serious than ever and often death.

        Speaking in terms of the mRNA shots of course. And for women, the options for serious consequences seem to be quite common. Yet the government narrative remains Stalinesque.

        So yeah. People would rather cut off their own children/parents than accept the evidence of their own eyes, and often their own experience.

        I’m sure historical examples of this are common. Its just different when you experience it first hand. I guess all the Jews who didn’t really believe the Nazis had dire plans for them would be an example.

        Another anecdote which is less overused than the Nazi one though I think of often. And its true. But I can’t remember the when and where of it.

        There was a flight that could not get the gear down properly on landing. Thanks to tremendous skill on the part of the Cockpit crew, they managed to get the aircraft down on the runway safely. The cabin crew gave instructions to everyone to remain calm and in their seats until the trucks came to get them. But about half the passengers ran for the exits and activated the inflatable slides and zipped off the aircraft.

        They survived.

        The ones who listened to the authorities, meaning a bunch of sky waitresses and waiters, perished in the flames.

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