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7 Replies to “Tucker Carlson addresses the utter hell of “sex change” operations and their real consequences”

  1. I visited a relative at a young adult psychiatric ward. Two of 20 on the ward were undergoing hormone therapy for sec change but hit a mental illness bump that required police intervention and hospitalization. My relative found it fascinating to speak with each and the circumstances seemed to generate a lot of conversation and attention on the ward, apparently more glamorous than “bad pot”, depression, or psychosis.

  2. Transitioning from reality to fantasy will last only so long as the scaffold holding up the fantasy is ignored. Fantasy cannot survive dissection, analysis, scrutiny, or hard questions. This reveals the structure that holds the dream up into the clouds. No amount of wishful thinking, whether it is by trained, politicized medical practitioners or by mentally-ill patients, will keep the beautiful delusion floating once the scaffold becomes visible. The structure ultimately groans, creaks, then crashes to the hard ground with tragic finality.

    Many peoples’ faith in technology has become irrational. It has made them leap far beyond hope, into magic. They’ve become militant. They think that by telling themselves, and others, a fantastic bedtime story where they can save the planet, or exchange genders for happiness, or live in a world where your enemy is your friend, or make money grow on trees, or stop a pandemic with magic juice, is true. In our house we call this #4 on the take-out menu. It’s called Pasta Bipolaria Primo. It gets you a triple topping of lithium and a six-week stay in Casa Rubber by the sea. On our current Cloud 9 it gets you promoted if you prescribe fear, and bilk the taxpayer into eventual poverty. It distorts society on an epic scale.

    Reality parged by political tissue is makes for seriously twisted orthodoxies. The real magic is that it has floated this high for this long.

  3. And if the parents refuse their child’s wish to transition, they lose their child to Youth Protection Services. The Trans-lobby is heavily funded and wields a lot of power; it has infiltrated our schools. And nobody can be made accountable for this massacre of our children.

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