1. In the UK, muslims lay down the law to police.

Gotta admire the confidence. We really should do the same, exept not threaten to kill dogs, instead, explain that we will go shop where we want when we want.

2. On the record: US politician repeats claim, Wuhan Flu is from a Chinese bio-lab

3. New Zealand Court Rules Pfizer Vaccine Rollout Unlawful

The New Zealand government has swiftly changed the law to get around a High Court ruling that had determined widespread access to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was unlawful.

In a court case between Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Ihu Medical Action Society (KTI) and the Minister of Health, KTI argued that the Pfizer vaccine has not completed its clinical trial phase and should not be made available to the wider population in accordance with section 23 of the Medicines Act.

On May 18, the High Court ruled in favour of KTI, stating that it was “reasonably arguable” that the provisional approval for the vaccine in the entire adult population was “problematic.”

Minister for Health Andrew Little immediately announced the act would be amended to allow for the continued distribution of the vaccine, with the Medicines Amendment Bill introduced and passed on May 19.

Section 23(1) of the Medicines Act originally stated that provisional consent given by the Health Minister to the supply of a new medicine should be used on a restricted basis and only for the treatment of a limited number of patients.

4. Toronto: People are protesting at Children’s injection centre for the mRNA shots, now being bribed to 12 year olds with ice cream, and no parental consent required.

The protestors should offer the kids ice cream with no strings attached at all. When they get arrested for that, we will all be able to see what this is really all about.

5. Legacy media reminds us to never stop being afraid. One person became “a covid case directly linked” to an outdoor event where thousands joined. They don’t say how he is, which means he is probably fine. But we must never, never stop being afraid.

Comments tend to make one think this propaganda is less effective than it was though.

6. A small number of TEENAGERS experience HEART issues after getting the mRNA device injections. CDC stats on this issue.

Thank you M., Pauline, ET., DM., EB., Richard, Johnny U., Xanthippa, C., Chris Jones,

Here is a link to the sticky from yesterday that had all the links to various videos examining the science of the mRNA shots and related. It was an important post. Ill try and repost the link now and again.


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  1. OT- I was offered to buy a condo in Israel yesterday by a friend whose father just passed away. From what I know it needs some work so may be reasonably priced. If interested let Eeyore know. (Please delete this if you don’t want to be involved, Eeyore.) Maybe agent fees can be saved before it goes to market.

  2. 1st topic: actually, the big bearded one says: «when those zionists came in with their dogs…» and the policeman do not correct him, only after the threat to kill the dogs if they come back and to close do the cop somewhat advise him to calm down.
    I do suppose the dogs in question are police dogs, but lissening carefully leaves me a bit confused.
    The people and forces that facilitated muslim mass immigration to the west, and continue to do so, have much to answer for.

    Blaming the political left for all this is way to easy.

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