Red Cross on donating blood post mRNA injection

In other words, the vaccine actually weakens your immune response to Covid19 if you have already recovered from the disease and therefore have the T cells for it. This is established fact with the CDC. Yet NO ONE is being asked to take a T cell test before getting the mRNA injections despite the high likelihood that most places have a 30% or higher rate of infection and recovery. Especially of children.

THIS is why people are so willing to accept the esoteric theories about what might be really going on. Because whatever it is really is or is not, it isn’t science or medicine.

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  1. – They mocked us, they called us ‘Conspiracists’, and canceled us, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be needing our Blood Plasma to survive. –

    ABOUT BLOOD PLASMA and what it’s used for:

    Receiving blood plasma transfusions helps introduce helpful properties to medical patients’ blood. The extra plasma provides more blood platelets and other clotting factors.

    The plasma transfusions also introduce extra water into a patient’s blood stream, since the majority of plasma is water, helping hydrate patients. Patients also receive extra protein from plasma transfusions.

    Depending on the person who donates, the plasma might also have specific antibodies that can be helpful in fighting off conditions like cirrhosis or emphysema.
    Plasma transfusions help by introducing many helpful properties into the blood such as extra platelets for clotting.

    Some patients have genetic disorders that require them to receive plasma transfusions on a regular basis, sometimes as often as every two to three days. The transfusions help people with blood clotting disorders, such as hemophilia, so they do not lose too much blood if they are injured or ever need to undergo surgery.

    The plasma may be put through a number of manufacturing processes that are designed to bring out certain qualities of the plasma. For example, the manufacturing process might draw out certain antibodies to treat patients with weakened immune systems.

    People who undergo traumatic medical situations also receive blood plasma to help prevent the development of medical complications down the road.

    When patients go through surgery, plasma donations help speed up blood clotting and introduce antibodies to fight off possible infections introduced during or after the procedure. Shock and burn victims might also receive plasma, helping boost their temporarily weakened immune systems until the patients recover.

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