Mostly on the vaccines: Links 1, May 23, 2021

1. PROOF Donald Trump is racist. Oh wait hold on…

2. Snake oil it turns out, also fits in a syringe

3. The following video is a little problematic. It has clearly been edited for propaganda. And that’s fine, but it makes it harder to sift the valuable information from it. Things like before Swine Flu, or H1N1, they changed the definition of “pandemic” to give more legal room to act. There is more as well. It is meant to feel like Fauci et al V1.0 of the current madness. Even so, there is sliced meat in this video. Another key component is how fast in the past they would pull a vaccine based on adverse reactions which seems not to be the case now when the adverse effects of the mRNA shots are literally orders of magnitude more than previous ones.

4. Canadian Doctors speak out on the reality of Covid. This is very good, calm, methodical science and anecdotal testimony by many doctors inside Canada. It would be interesting to know if there was any pressure on these men and women after making this video by professional organizations or government ones.

5. CBC: Federal government invests $200 million to build an mRNA vaccine plant in Ontario

The federal government today announced a $200-million investment to help a Mississauga, Ont.-based company build a plant that can churn out millions of mRNA vaccines.

Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne said the money will be used to expand an existing site owned by Resilience Biotechnologies Inc. to provide “made-in-Canada solutions such as vaccines and treatments for future pandemics.”

The funds will expand Resilience’s manufacturing and fill-finish capacity for a number of vaccines and therapeutics, including mRNA shots like the ones now being used to fight COVID-19, Champagne said.

The government says the plant expansion will create 500 permanent jobs and 50 co-op placements for students once construction is complete in 2024.

The addition of some 55,000 square feet of factory space will allow Resilience to manufacture between 112 million and 640 million doses of mRNA product each year. The goal is to leave Canada less dependent on foreign vaccine makers when the next pandemic hits.

(The plan for lockdowns and gene therapy appears to be a permanent one, instead of treatment and science)

Thank you Pauline, M., Michelle, Mad W., Richard, Yogi, ET., Johnny U., Yucki, and many more who are putting an enormous amount of effort into personal understandings, a great deal of courage into sharing these understandings, and always at a personal cost rather than a gain to themselves. Certainty remains elusive. But at least a reasonable counter-narrative is available and has actual science behind it. Informed choice is freedom. Forced choices is slavery, and perhaps worse, thinking you choose freely when your information is controlled, is unwitting slavery. The Huxlean principle. The ability to choose freedom, also grows more and more elusive as the new merger of governments and big tech tightens its grip on what information is permissible.

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    This is dangerously close to being funny. Only us modern brainwashed people would even consider thinking the way the woke left thinks. Imagine if you resurrected, say, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Abraham Lincoln gave them a cup of tea, and then explained the situation in St. Louis. Now imagine their reaction when you told them that the 21st-century solution to the rising crime statistics was to defund the police, fire 100 officers, close one of the prisons down and be nicer to the criminals, making it a crime to hurt them even if they resist arrest and try to grab your gun. Now imagine our three reborn legends rolling on the floor weeping with laughter as they reacted to your most excellent joke…

    Folks! It’s not even close! We are being messed with 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week!!! This has got to be the greatest covert psychological-warfare attack in human history and we’re all so darn punchy that we can’t even see it…The Democrats are scuttling the United States of America – sending it to the bottom of the sea… Shutting down the XL pipeline and acting against energy independence is absolute proof of treason. They have been entirely co-opted by the enemy… Listen to the Squad and hear the voice of Hamas and The Taliban and Erdogen and Arafat and the Muslim Brotherhood and Colin Kaepernick’s ear-whispering girlfriend. The enemy has basically the same goal as Adolf Hitler in 1939 and they aren’t just kidding around. There’s a war going on, or haven’t you heard…?

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