A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist, Michael Yeadon

One of the more annoying phrases I hear from time to time I believe is from Carl Sagan. I believe it goes, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

This defies logic in many ways. For one, all claims are extraordinary to someone. But more importantly, either a thing stands the tests of proof or not. You don’t have extra proofs for ones you have trouble processing. For example. If someone had said the Nazis had a plan to exterminate all the Jews by putting them in rail cars after telling them they were going to resort locations will the war was over, and then work them to death, often by poison gas, the evidence for that should be exactly the same as evidence for any other claim. Because it seems horrifically unlikely, should have no bearing on the standards of proof. In fact, applying a tougher standard of evidence could in this hypothetical case, lead to the deaths of millions of people.

In that spirit, let’s hear him out. And then decide which way the precautionary principle should roll.

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6 Replies to “A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist, Michael Yeadon”

  1. No doubt that this injection system may result in genocide. The conditions of crime: motive, means, opportunity.

    1) Motive — to win the war to get the enemy’s power and resources.
    2) Means — to up “vaccines”.
    3) Opportunity — created by taking control over our systems.

    I think the enemy already has the first two, in the framework of the ongoing war. And they are halfway through in creating the perfect opportunity for the takeover that actually MUST include genocide to significantly weaken our resistance. Because gradual takeover will not work for them beyond a certain point. But there can be other ways of planned genocide we do not know about yet, not only by the jabs.

  2. Hey cyber security go pretend you can’t hear me. Gee michai, phizer towns never experimented on kids in the Navy elementary schools. Nope. Say it loud cyber security :I don’t exist. Hey cia, I see judges are questioning people about that psyop i said don’t use on the public by 1983. How’s that work for you NSA. Here go listen to the man tell you about war who wasn’t in experiments in the town of phizer and then Whitehouse go say how you ignored trafficked intelligence slaves used to say this in comment sections online. We didn’t have computer classes to go with our rna experiments in our Ward nuclear navy town of phizer. Cia can’t read. And the Whitehouse is crazy if they think I care at all. Can’t redeem kids used for war psyops Whitehouse. That’s what the internet is. Cyber security sellouts and criminals. And clueless people everywhere. What a surprise.

  3. Just a thank you to Michael Yeadon for your effort towards awakening the public to the end of human freedom.
    Your voice counts and will go further than you imagine ?

  4. Wasn’t Carl Sagan a, I think the term is, gate keeper?
    He spouted his non-biblical crap and his handlers made sure he received the appropriate acclaim, plaudits, and no doubt money for doing so.
    I bought his DVD titled “The Cosmos” and have never watched much of it because every time I put it on, what he promotes as fact, makes me angry.
    He was a charlatan in my opinion.

  5. The nuts just fall from the trees and keep finding places to put their bad seeds. Conspiracy theorists like this keep saying the vaccine is genocide and harmful yet the numbers go down and the almost 200 million that have gotten the vaccine seem to be just fine. Many I know are vaccinated as I am too and we’re still here to call you out as bunk bull crap artists. Masks don’t work? Now you can tell if someone is symptomatic by looking at them? Lmao nuts nuts nuts. My friends dad (a pastor) said he didn’t need a mask and his god would protect him from the virus, well he died not 2 weeks ago after becoming ill and having a positive covid test. His family doesn’t want to talk about that but his daughter told us the truth. Keep on believing the one in a million nuts and see what happens. Maybe you luck out maybe you don’t. SMH

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