Preview of anti-Israel + communist demonstration in Ottawa today

There will be lots of photos and videos coming later. But just to get the sense of it, here is a photo showing the joint demonstration of communists and anti-Israel, mostly muslims but some of the left.

There was also an anti-lockdown protest, and ANTI communist one on the Hill today a few blocks from this, Several thousand people attended it. Was amazing. That footage to come.

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3 Replies to “Preview of anti-Israel + communist demonstration in Ottawa today”

  1. I’m not Muslim,I don’t belong to the Left.I’m Christian,fought for White ruled Rhodesia against Black Marxist gooks,and would be there supporting Palestinians against Zionist victimization of Christians and non-Jews,and Crimes Against Humanity.
    My Grandfather was Palestinian Christian,born in Jerusalem,Palestine,who emigrated to Cape Breton,Nova Scotia,decades before the recreation of Zionist Israel at the expense of Palestinian Catholics,other Christians,and non-Jews.He was killed in the coal mines in Glace Bay,Cape Breton.RIP Just sayin’.

    • I had a long-time girlfriend who is Palestinian Christian. She, also, rooted for the said ‘Palestinians’. I realized she didn’t know the true history of the area and was prey to propaganda, like so many.

      I explained to her how the ‘Palestinians’ treat the Christians. She was in denial. I tried laying out the true history of the area since 1850 or so. One only needs to do some deep research.


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