Senator Joseph McCarthy wasn’t just right, he needed to finish the job

Thank you Michelle.

I believe that Mr. Klaven was the brains behind Pajamas media. Perhaps the first well produced counter-jihad and pro-West media in the postmodern era.

I also know from other sources experienced with Hollywood’s inner workings, that their experience mirrors Andrew Klaven’s. In Hollywood, silence is not enough. You have to enthusiastically trumpet whatever Marxist tactics and causes of the day or you would be blacklisted. Failure to do so, was career death.

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  1. McCarthy and the House Unamerican Activities Committee had the Cultural Elite against them, but they have the American People behind them. Their actions created a pool of Pro American anti-Communist people that allowed the US to Win the Cold War. The Cultural Elite has worked hard to destroy that pool of Pro Americans but it still exists in all States and still controls the Red States. WE have found a leader (Donald Trump) who is willing to lead us in this fight and he is inspiring and finding others who will step up and fight for America. Desantis in Florida, Abbot in Texas Former Governor Greitens Senator Hawley and many others.

    We are going through a very hard and nasty time when our very existence as a nation is at risk, we the patriots in the US are being vilified are stepping up and are saying “Enough, you aren’t going to destroy my Nation, my Culture, my Religion” the US has been down before but we have always stood up stronger and better then we were. This is going to happen again.

    Always remember do the right thing because it is the right thing and you will discover that you will like yourself much better.

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