Geopolitics and Covid issues, Canada knows there is treatment but won’t let Canadians know: Links 1, May 9, 2021

1. Corbett Report: AstraZenica and Klaus Schwabb. Link to Unlimited Hangout

2. US Navy seizes tons and tons of (Iranian) weapons headed for the Houthis in un-flagged ship

3. Chaplain in UK reported to Terrorist watchdog for mentioning LGBT in other than an enthusiastic manner. In fact in a classical liberal manner.

4. Hungary appears to be going down a very dark road.

5. Watch: Canada sends 25k Remdesivir vials, 50 ventilators for India | Covid

(So Canada KNOWS there are effective treatments for Covid but will not let us know about them, obtain them or talk about them. Ok then.)

India on Saturday thanked Canada for the shipment of 50 ventilators and 25000 vials of Remdesivir to fight the COVID pandemic. In this regard, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi on Saturday said, “It would further deepen our strategic partnership.” Several countries have come forward to help India as the country fights the second wave of Covid-19. Watch the full video for more details.

Thank you Sassy, Richard, M., ET., Nick Stinson, Oz-Rita, Gates of Vienna, Tania Groth, Kalloi and many more who’s clarity trumps even their confusion at the wonton reality reversal across the World.

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30 Replies to “Geopolitics and Covid issues, Canada knows there is treatment but won’t let Canadians know: Links 1, May 9, 2021”

    • Thank You Michelle for posting Andrew Klavan’s Truth.
      What he said reminds me of this podcast by James Lindsay:

      “A Values-Based Approach to Leaving Wokeness Behind”
      New Discourses – April 13, 2021
      First Value: Truth – Wisdom knows when truth matters. @ 44:00…
      Second Value : Beauty @46:04….

  1. 2 – Biden and the appeasers in the Dem Party should study what happens to the Quislings that help the Dictators of the world.

  2. ITEM 5: Canada will say India requested the Remdesivir.
    But it doesn’t change the fact that Canada knows it’s approved for C-19 treatment in at least 50 countries, knows about its efficiency but refuses to approve it for C-19 use in Canada. The health of 38 million people lies in the hands of a few bureaucrats.

  3. Regarding Hungary…
    If I would be Orban…knowing what happen at high levels…knowing the risks of mRNA “vaccines”…I would like to vaccinate all people with a flu cocktail from Russia or China, instead of mRNA. If Orban is not elected again next time, the new “Soros” tools can decide to stop Spuntnik/Sinovac vaccination and continue with mRNA.
    Only one idea…pushing hard to vaccinate as much as possible with a “classic” vaccine and declare Hungary fully vaccinated would his last act of serving Hungary before replaced.
    For EU will be impossible to declare Russian or Chinese vaccine as not good, in order to restart the mRNA vaccination. That will be an open conflict with Russia and China.
    In my opinion, seen from a different perspective, this would be the smallest bad done to Hungary.

    • So…as romanian, I think I do understand what Orban is doing. I suggest magyars to get the sputnik/sinovac vaccine as they still can. Even these vaccines do nothing against covid, ultimately will protect you against mRNA vaccine.
      Don’t wait until Orban is replaced. Because I think will happen soon.
      My oppinion.

    • The Russian vax may not be total trash. Anyway, it might be the safest pick of the litter.

      Scientists there have been working on a vax against the common cold for DECADES.
      The coronaviruses we all manage to live with are a nuisance, so a safe and effective vax would be a commercial bonanza.

      They tweaked the existing formula – which has been tested extensively, for YEARS – and offer it up as “Sputnik V”. A conventional platform, not mRNA.

  4. Remdesivir didn’t work against ebola and doesn’t work against COVID.

    That fact (COVID) was inadvertently proven in a study (sorry can’t recall where) designed to show Remdesivir as a winner and discredit HCL , but inadvertently showed HCL to be effective against COVID.

    • That is just cynical enough to be true. It also sounds like Trudeau, to give India tons of crap that doesn’t work.

    • Remdesivir looks like a very dirty deal.
      Not only does it NOT work, but Gilead, the Big Pharma manufacturer, had a vested interest in shutting down HCQ.

      I am truly sorry to say, Remdesivir is probably worthless, fascinating drug company shenanigans

      What is Gilead’s role in the war on hydroxychloroquine?

      • Both The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine – peer-reviewed, gold-standard – have served us poorly…
        …I think.

        There are “tell-all” articles about the complicity of the journal establishment with Big Pharma and corporate global (China-friendly).

        I’m not linking because I don’t trust the sources of these articles. They trace back to Russian and Indian disinfo organs. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see here, move along.

        • There are no longer ANY once reputable medical or science journals that you can really trust 100%. Like everything else they have been taken over by the arms of the globalists, in this case often big pharma. The Lancet, the BMJ, the NEJM, Science, Nature, all have sold their souls. Such a pity!
          I wont even mention anthropology and archaeology that have both been prostituted for well over a century and where the banning (symbolic burning) of heretics (anyone who publishes data that disagrees with the “accepted” belief structure) first began.
          Read “Forbidden Archaeology” to find out what you are never told.

  5. They can’t admit to any treatments for Covid because to do so would undermine everything they have done so far and continue to do.
    There would be no reason for emergency powers
    No need for lock downs
    Mass vaccination

    They (the authorities) have chosen the path and will follow it to the end…..
    And no one is sure where or when it will end. But I hope it’s soon.

    • Make that Experimental vaccines (no need for)
      According to one commentator, the only reason the vaccines were allowed (the context was the UK), was because there was no treatment for Covid.
      Or to put it another way.
      In order for the use of experimental vaccines to be allowed there had to be no other treatment available.

  6. Notice, though, how quiet the EU is on Orban lately? Usually they spit bullets at him no matter what he does. They clearly approve…

  7. Whole ex-communist Europe is silent. West Europe is converting to Islam and a new form of cannibalistic communism. Russia and China start showing muscles. Trump is gone, Biden in the oval office. Without a strong friend, you can’t make noise. In this situation, why make noise, when there is so much to do keeping your mouth shut?

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