Freedom, masks, China and Oz: Links 1, May 8, 2021

1. NHS data breach, personal medical info exposed by vaccine booking website

(The census forms are out now in Canada. The Canadian government, like the US one and giant corporations for that matter, are notoriously bad at protecting our privacy. When you think of filling in information on census forms, consider this and so many other stories before sending it in.)

THE NHS has been accused of a major security flaw after the coronavirus vaccination booking site leaked peoples’ personal medical data.

The regulator for medical data has flagged concerns with NHS digital after it appeared possible for strangers to access information about individuals’ vaccination records. Campaigners have called the breach a “seriously shocking failure”.

Those who have received two jabs are immediately taken to a page informing them “you have had both of your appointments”.

Anyone without a jab is taken to a screening page, while those with just one injection are asked to enter a booking reference for their second shot.

2. Rebel News: “Let Us Breathe” mural at Calgary art park removed because it could “cause harm”

A mural with a message aimed at ending the masking of children has been painted over, just days after its completion.

The image, featured in the containR Art Park in Calgary, Alberta, depicted a young girl alongside an owl carrying away a now commonly-seen blue surgical mask emblazoned with the words “Let Us Breathe” written on it.

Created by artist Elena Bushan, the piece drew the ire of those on social media in vehement support of widespread mask usage.

“People are telling me I have no heart, I don’t care about elders,” Busha, an immigrant from the former Soviet republic of Moldova said in a story featured in the Calgary Herald. “My father nearly died from COVID in Europe. I’m not anti-mask or anti-vaccine. I am a mother of two kids and I am worried about children.”

(This single story is at the heart of so much of the evil that is eating away at civilization like a malignant tumour. We, who investigate issues and discuss all sides and encourage freedom to do so, would not remove signs or artwork with that leftist messaging. But the left has a long track-record of deleting, negating, cancelling, anything they view as counter-revolutionary. And that is what this is about. No messages that encourage freedom or independant thought must be allowed on any subject. And the reason given for this disallowance will have a dishonest name that makes any argument against its totalitarian and anti-Western intent appear to be harmful or otherwise evil. Think a Marxist revolutionary group comprised of mostly violent white males calling itself, Black Lives Matters, in order to use real and imputed racial suffering of black people as weapons for a Marxist revolution. I bet if we were to take down signs demanding masks outdoors in play areas for kids where there are no cases of transmissions and no science to justify it, we would find ourselves arrested or fined.)

[…] Because she couldn’t “guarantee that the mural could do no harm,” that meant it had to be removed.

It doesn’t take much thought to know where that will lead us. Because it already has.

3. Please watch:

4. History is going backwards. Women are no longer safe without the right kind of escort.

(Ayaan’s book, Infidel, is one of only 2 books I have ever read non stop cover to cover. The other was Siddhartha by Hesse. Infidel is an amazing read. If you get it, don’t lend it out unless you mean to actually give it away.)

5. Brad Johnson: Chinese Smart TV comes with free 24 hour surveillance service.

6. Australia will “die a long lingering death” -China

Thank you Richard, M., Helen Tellier, Kalloi, Johnny U., PC and a lot of other deeply appreciated people who are an integral part of a community that is trying to make sense of the world as it is.

On that note, additional information, albeit of the a friend of a friend variety, indicates that there is a genuine outbreak of something in India which is spiking deaths and causing a lot of burning of corpses. Is it Covid? They say it is. Could it be cholera? No idea. But there is an outbreak of something which is killing an awful lot of people in parts of India at this time.


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  1. I remember first reading about 2 people in Wuhan, China being isolated on November 6, 2019.
    There is a very interesting article on the Defender, Children’s Health Defence site.
    What’s the Origin of COVID – – Did People or Nature Open Pandora’s Box at Wuhan?

  2. 5. I think Brad is not understanding how modern encryption works, having such a backdoor on the network is very undesirable of course, but all sensitive websites use HTTPS and nearly all email services use SSL to encrypt email end to end. So in nearly all cases the bad actor (CCP) only who and when you are emailing, who emails you, and what websites you are visiting and what pages, they would not see the content of those pages, or the content of submitted forms.

    You can negate the real threat I outlined above using a VPN. I’m more concerned about the microphones that these TVs have, and that’s not just CCP brands.
    All these IoT devices are insecure and can easily be turned into such a network monitor as Skyworth TVs and built in. They have poor security and it can be trivial to do just the same thing. Then there’s your Google Home and Alexa which you pay to spy on you. Faceboock have been caught listening in with the mic also.

    I suspect the motive here is commercial, they want to know what your doing so they can sell you more of their crap.

    I added this code to all the sites I manage recently Google does not need to clasify you for visiting this site.

  3. 5 – I think I just posted the comment on the wrong thread. This is why I don’t log onto any WIFI net with my TV

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