Most vaccinated Island on Earth locks down tight cause covid: Links 1, May 5, 2021

1. Tweet of the day:

2. Alberta, which is now imposing much harsher rules, seems to be playing the hospital con game

3. James Delingpole speaks with former VP of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon on, well you all know exactly what on. This is audio only.

4. Sky News Oz discusses Australia’s move away from neo-American communism in the form of “identity Politics” or, critical race theory. Which is curiously honest for leftists since its clearly a form of critical theory. Which I guess means they think we are all so stupid we won’t fight back even if they tell us what they are doing. And yeah. They might be right.

5. Back in the day when reality and science was part of our process, a story like this would make a difference.

Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more of its population against Covid-19 than any other country, has closed schools and canceled sporting activities for two weeks as infections surge.

The measures, which include bans on the intermingling of households and the early closure of bars, come even as the country has fully vaccinated more than 60% of its adult population with two doses of coronavirus vaccines. The curbs are similar to those last imposed at the end of 2020.

“Despite of all the exceptional efforts we are making, the Covid-19 situation in our country is critical right now with many daily cases reported last week,” Peggy Vidot, the nation’s health minister, said at a press conference Tuesday.

(I wonder if anyone believes that it will be just 2 weeks)

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5 Replies to “Most vaccinated Island on Earth locks down tight cause covid: Links 1, May 5, 2021”

  1. To all of the above………

    Why don’t they give out to each and every one a Flintlock Pistol, one round and enough powder for one charge.
    Much cheaper and quicker for the sheeple to commit suicide, and I’d even be so bold and say; MORE HUMANE.
    Because that what all of this boils down to in the long run – UNLESS – we the people put a stop to it ourselves.
    I’ll say again;
    When the Powerful turn against us, we must act as the Powerful act, which is in one’s own interest, and without morality and mercy.
    Because THEY show us NONE.

  2. My wife (retired RN) had a thought this morning regarding relatives who got the jab. Would a low-dose aspirin regimen mitigate the effects of the not-vax, ie: clotting?

  3. In Korea, the people can do the equivalent of screwing themselves with an easily, self-administered anti-gen covid tests. These are being sold for around $10 in local convenience stores around South Korea. Welcome to one more Turing test for intelligence, on one side those who take the test, than report any positive finding to government authorities, and on the other side, the people ignore the tests altogether.

    Is this coming to Canada any time soon?

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