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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for May 4, 2021: The CIA, traded in merit for woke”

  1. Maybe the word “communism” sort of goes “clunk” when I see Brennan–a man who should be in jail for life or shot by firing squad–go on about white supremacism. That a successful anti-white racist narrative was constructed primarily by white progressives doesn’t surprise me. Yes, it’s absurd, but we’ve seen people can be convinced of almost anything if they drop their guard because of mellifluous melodies. The “clunk” I hear with Brennan isn’t because he isn’t a full-blown commie–he is–but because the word communist falls on so many younger ears as simply noise coming from crusty old paranoid men. So, while we know his like to be a tyrannical collectivist, there will be kids and adults who shut off the things they need to hear most.

    On the other hand as Bezmenov said, people need to pull the bananas out of their own ears. They don’t need to understand everything–who does–but they must at least understand that narratives abound, all vying for their attention, none with their best interests at heart.

    In fact, I can’t imagine a much better radar system for navigating today’s polluted information ocean than the sounding board that is VTB.

    This one doesn’t get old:


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