Canadian nurse speaks out on her view of the pandemic from her research and experience

She has a detail or two wrong though. The fellow from Pfizer was not the CEO, but to the best of my knowledge, was VP and chief scientist for allergies and respiratory. So a bullseye on subject. But short of that, it’s an excellent presentation. We need more health care workers in Canada to come out with what they know.

Also, anyone reading this from the GTA, please leave me a comment so I can contact you, if you would be willing to get some footage of the hospital parking lot M*A*S*H compounds they have built, allegedly for Covid patients. I think the Canadian public really have an obligation to know what is actually going on there, even if they no longer have a ‘right’ per se.

She also refers to this: NY Post removes fake images of deaths due to Corona but actually from gas explosion years earlier.

Unrelated: Smoking is much more addictive than previously reported. Here, a corpse enjoys a cigarette after dying of Covid19

(No idea of any of the truth or fictions of the video directly above, but at this point, its more reliable than the Government of Canada, who’s health minister tells us that Vitamin D is fake news and a previous minister in the Trudeau cabinet explains they use the Goebbels method to sell us lies.)

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5 Replies to “Canadian nurse speaks out on her view of the pandemic from her research and experience”

  1. I’m British and I have heard no announcement of the UN (troops?) being deployed on our streets.

  2. I live on the Canadian border. Back in the day, Canada was a beautiful, laid back free country.
    Now it’s a communist hellhole.
    They would have been better off losing the War of 1812,

  3. Troops in civilian clothing, on civilian buses with tinted or covered windows are moved to destinations where they change into uniform……It’s an old trick……
    Canada’s total military wouldn’t fill a football stadium…’s the foreign troops in blue UN helmets that would concern me…..

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